73 Success Quotes By Famous People

Success Quotes By Famous People – As ordinary people, Ihategreenjello certainly idolize well-known figures and try to follow some of their success tips. Understandably, these figures have always been the forefront of being an inspiration. Because, experience is indeed the best teacher to achieve dreams.

Success Quotes
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Some of us believe that those who have become people like this must undergo hard days. In addition, what they say is certain that they are carried out so that, at the moment they are at the height of glory.

Below, we will take you to these figures. Where, their possible words of success, can restore your enthusiasm, which can make you burn and try to reach it.

Success Quotes Who Can Inspire You

“Everyone in this world always wants to get their success. However, today many people continue to strive with their own strength so that it becomes a difficult competition to get success. Try to work with one another. Because, cooperation makes your work easier. “Quoted from Samuel Robson Walton.

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“You don’t just sit around then, worrying about something uncertain. Therefore, try to get out of your comfort zone that you always do. The comfort zone is always created by you instead of looking for it somewhere else. “Quoted from Michael Bloomblerg

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“In this life there must be lots of choices that you have to choose. The road to success is sometimes confusing. Of the various kinds of choices, it must have a risk that whether we are right in choosing it or not. The risk comes from your ignorance in doing something. “Quoted from Werren Buffet.

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“When you want to start a business and also a business. Then you need to learn something that can lead you to your dreams. Their biggest mistake is the question that is often heard. It’s just that the question will not be equivalent to an answer which is why not? “Quoted from Jeff Bezos

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“Times began to develop very rapidly. All information will also be spread easily without the need to meet or meet in person. The wise thing you can do is not comment anything as long as you don’t know the truth. The norm of society and religion really prohibits it. “Quoted from Larry Page.

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“If you decide to go on business as you choose, there is a basic rule that is possible, you must obey. Where, doing easy work first than hard work. Because, from that easy job, there will be a lot of progress you can make. “Quoted from Mark Zukenberg.

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“Before making a hard journey in realizing dreams. You have to do something very simple. Like getting up early. Because, money will come in the morning. Therefore, get up and start working in the morning. Feel the difference. “Quoted from Larry Peigge.

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“Before you go any further, you better first describe your vision and mission in achieving your dreams. The vision that you have made can be an encouragement and a spirit that will never go out in the slightest. “Quoted from Li-Kas shing.

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 “A boss is those who don’t just manage their subordinates or just see how they work so that the workers are not directed and make everything worse. You have to be more modest and more friendly with your workers. So, they can provide creative ideas within themselves for the progress of the company. “Quoted From Bernard Arnault.

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“Sacrifice will always be present in every dream that you are living, whether it’s a small dream or a big one. Therefore, dream big that your entire sacrifice will be worth the dream you get. “Quoted from Jorge Paulo Leman.

“Many people who walk from the bottom slowly go up until they are at the top. After arriving there they will think that being number two even though it’s already above is not pleasant enough. Therefore they will try to be number one even though it is very difficult. “Quoted from Sheldon Adelson

“It doesn’t need to be a lot of words to be able to be a successful person only in a small way that we can actually do ourselves. Success is developed from a hard work that will never stop for a second.” Quoted from Johnny Corson.

“Humans are created in a state of imperfection. From there, we will know that there is no need to be shy when making mistakes. Only a failure that will correct all our mistakes both in the past or in the future. “Quoted from George Soros.

“Education is something that makes us sleepy so, there are many lessons that we can never get from an education. Many of us prefer an entertainment that brings a lot of instant pleasure. “Quoted from Johnny Corson.

“The craziest thing everyone currently likes is money. Like the greatest idol of all life. We worry if we don’t have money to do anything for money. They also did not realize that the only one who was given money to us was a freedom from tormenting worry. “Quoted from Johnny Corson.

“Life will continue to run how it should be but, there are times when you will be made to live not like humans in general. For example you are made for workaholism so, there is no social time to just greet each other. But, the situation will someday be an equal price to pay, “Quoted from Jorge Paulo Leman.

“Today’s profits are always the main principle of someone living their lives. Politics has become a profitable business field. Not only that, Law and health also contribute to being made as a business that provides a large profit for the perpetrators. “Quoted From George Soros

“A man’s greatest responsibility is not how they make money. Instead, try to make money and love harmonious and be able to walk together without having to benefit from each other. So, you can give a value to your own life and to others. “Quoted from Alice Walton.

“The biggest struggle that will be faced by humans is not a fight against life or a fight in a match. Man’s biggest battle is to fight a disease that will take his life and make his loved ones sad. When you can win it, it will definitely be very relieved. “Quoted from David Koch

“Basically, some of you are crazy to work. Maybe, because of the love for the work he has been doing all this time. Stay like that, and teach others how you can live your days with something so they can imitate you. That a dream needs real proof is not only capable. “Quoted from Jim Walton

“One thing that makes us proud is when many people say we are crazy about what we create. From the process they actually have started to glance at what we have just made, they need time to really understand that they really need what you have created. “Quoted From Larry Ellison.

“There are many things that you can do. Starting from the smallest to the biggest. Don’t expect much you can dedicate your life to others. Only to get a confession from someone else. “Quoted from Charles Koch.

“Many people have strength in themselves. Strength is in the form of motivation and also the drive to make things happen. Keep the two together, because realizing dreams requires a lot of motivation and encouragement. “Quoted from Amancio Ortega.

“Sometimes, many people are willing to spend their lives to listen to many opinions from others. Do they know, what they are doing is slowly making themselves go to death. Most of them don’t want to live and how they remember you later. “Quoted from Carlos Slim Helu.

“The biggest mistake of a human being is not to let himself be born poor. However, they allowed themselves to die in a state of poverty and uselessness. “Quoted from the words of Bill Gates.

“Everyone needs time to be able to do something but, they need fast time to prepare themselves. Like, in cutting down a tree, some people can cut it down within 8 hours but, it takes them 5 hours to sharpen their ax. “Quoted By Abraham Lincoln.

“It can be likened if life is like someone who is biking to a place. You can get there well only if you can maintain a good balance. “If you want to maintain balance, then you have to keep moving forward without ever stopping at all.” Quoted from Albert Einstein.

“Life is indeed not easy and has never been easy. In fact, when we see the life of a snail or an unpleasant ant without a burden. They still have their own problems. Whatever life you are living is still to think positively. “Quoted from Ali Bin Abi Talib

“Like the word water is the most frightening thing in the world. Many people want to cross the ocean. Because, they want to prove that what is scary is not necessarily frightening. Unfortunately, they will never be able to cross the ocean if they still cannot forget the beach. “Quoted Dari_Andre Gide.

“Many people are lazy in this world. Actually, laziness is not in human nature. It’s just that they don’t have a clear goal for themselves. “Quoted from Anthony Robbins.

“We don’t need to use time well to work towards what they want. It’s just that they have to use their free time well. “Quoted from Christoteles.

“They cannot take our pride if we don’t give it to them. So, think carefully. “Quoted from Adolf Hitler.

“Actually happy is quite simple, don’t keep looking for what makes happiness. You will never live if you search for the meaning of this life word. “Quoted from Albert Camus.

“Change will never come if we keep waiting for someone else or waiting for another time. Even though we ourselves are the people we are actually waiting for. Because, actually we ourselves are the changes we are looking for. “Quoted from Barack Obama

“Giving up is the stupidest thing a human has ever done. Because, they are given more power by Allah that they cannot use. Actually also, they can make a dream and failure as the biggest encouragement to keep trying and trying. “Quoted from _Bob Marley

“Every human being is given extraordinary creative provisions, they always have new ideas that we cannot know. Great people are those who can do extraordinary things in just a normal way. “Inspired by John W Gardner.

“There are a lot of people on this earth with billions unfortunately, not everyone can be considered smart. Because they grow and grow in a mere measure, not in a wisdom. “Quoted from Buddha.

“In this world we can do many things. It’s just that we don’t need to do anything big. We just have to do something small with a very big love. “Quoted from Mother Teresa.

“In this life, the greatest success that can be gained by humans is to get better from day to day and not worse than the previous days.” Quoted from Denis Waitley.

“A bright future is found for those who always depend on their dreams, and try to make it happen, how the road they have to travel is very steep and winding but, still patiently waiting until everything comes true.” Quoted From Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Maybe life cannot be measured by predictions. Or it could be said that the prophecy must be wrong. It’s just that, when we are confident in what we want, the prediction will be fulfilled by itself. “Quoted Brian Tracy.

“We will never know how they are, how they really are. However, one thing we must know is that they will never see how much you have so that, they see you but, they will only see further who you are. “Quoted From Elvis Prasley.

“Only those who lack extensive experience feel that there is no failure. Or maybe, you live in caution and deep mathematical and physical calculations. So, your life goes as normal as a dead person who is waiting to rise again. In other words before you do something you have failed. “Quoted from JK Rowling

“Great people are those who do not expect to be facilitated but rather, they will ask for good in facing problems. They also will not expect this problem to diminish but, given a wisdom, they also do not expect any serious challenges but more wisdom. “Quoted from Jihm Ron.”

“The secret to success is actually very simple, you can get in your daily life. Because, the secret of success is in our daily lives. “Quoted From John. C. Maxwell.

“Before I tried something new I had prepared myself to accept a big failure that would hurt. But, I know best that my only regret in this world is not a failure but, I am always afraid to try, “Quoted From Jeffrey Bezos.

“Every day is full of mysteries. Sometimes it can be traveled easily and sometimes it is also carried out heavily. Never show doubts or concerns to them so they will assume you will never deserve what you want. “Quoted From Eminem.

“Allah destined humans to live with happiness and ease, only humans made their own lives more difficult. Like, when you are born who has wings to fly, but you don’t know and choose to crawl to walk. “Quoted from Jalaluddin Rumi.

“Maybe you are at a crossroads that makes you confused where your direction will go. If it’s like that, choose the path that you really believe is part of your dreams. Live the life you’ve been putting together in your dreams. “Quoted From Henri David Thoreau.

“Every human being does have a different destiny, so does the talent he has. It’s just that we have the same opportunity to develop our talents like them. “Quoted from John F. Kennedy.

“Try to see those beautiful roses. Can you take it? Are you afraid that the thorn will hit you? Optimists will see how beautiful the flowers are. However, pessimists will only see their thorns. “Quoted From Khalil Gibran.

“Never give any limitations in your life. Because, that limit will lead to work and whatever you will do in this world. “Quoted from _Bruce lee ‘In someone’s courage is his life, if they do not have this courage, then his history is over. It’s no use at all. “Quoted From Che Guevara

“Many people have tried and asked for the blessing of their parents. Often they find failure. It’s not a parent’s fault that they don’t give their blessing, but their way is a failure so they can continue learning to achieve success. “Quoted from Bill Gates.”

“A tough person is those who will not run even though they face various obstacles. For example, along the way we find dead ends with a high wall towering, we should look for ways to climb the tree instead of avoiding it and changing direction. “Quoted from Micahel Jordan

How? Now you have felt positive things flowing into you? Energy that comes from the Success Quotes of successful people has begun to poison you. It’s time, to stand up and run what you think can be done. Remember, success never knows the word surrender.


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