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154 Positive Quotes Who Can Motivated Your Life

Positive Quotes Who Can Motivated Your Life – However, we will not be able to escape negative and positive. These two opposing things will always be present in us, in life, and in everything. All returned to ourselves. What we have to do is negative or positive.

Positive Quotes
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Many people say if we always do positive then everything in us will also be positive. Likewise with the opposite, therefore living once in this world is why we don’t use it for things that are more useful.

Well, let’s look at various positive words from various world leaders, from various life experiences that you might be able to make as inspiration and lessons. That, this world depends on how we look. Negative or Positive.

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“In this life the most valuable and greatest asset is a health and happiness. Why do you have a lot of money that can’t run out until the 20th generation, but you’re sick. What you can enjoy on a hospital bed with food that is not healthy. So, always ask for health, so that your happiness will be more complete. “Inspired by Buddha.

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“The wealth that we can give to our children and grandchildren is not a legacy in the form of ease in living something. Rather, it is a difficulty they have to go through so that when we leave, they will never forget what we teach in the face of difficulties. “

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“Maybe, life is only once the pleasure of children and grandchildren will always be present along with abundant affection. Affection does not make them fall into a valley that makes it difficult for them to crawl up. Instead, it’s a learning how when you fall into a cliff, how do you jump past the thorns, and how you can climb. We will not live long, they will replace us in the future. “

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“It’s hard to believe in your own abilities to see other people who can always move forward step by step. Unfortunately, we don’t know how they don’t drown in a living mud pool when they don’t enter into it. “

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“The facilities needed by a child are not cars or money. But love from both parents. Because, love that will change everything life can be better because of love. however, it could also be worse. Therefore, keep your child with love that is truly love. Not just a parable. Children need something that is definitely not a promise. “

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“Not money needed by other people. Instead, positive energy in the form of courage to change. Now, you might be able to give it money but, will you always have money? Then, will he always be a requester too? Courage is the spirit of life that is always present in itself, but they do not know how to get it out of themselves. “Robbert Louis Stevenson.

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“Everyone has great enthusiasm. Do not know whether they are old, whether they are young, or those who are in pain. Even the poor and rich have the same passion to be able to live this life well. “Inspired by the Chinese proverb.

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“Life is easy. You just have to get up early, work tirelessly and never give up. Then, go back to sleep but, before that, never forget to pray. It’s just that you make all this very difficult. “Inspired by Confucius

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“It’s not someone else who can turn yourself into a superstar. But, only you can change it yourself. Including how to be able to change it. It’s just that, whether you want it or not, go back into yourself. “

“Life is not a matter of finding yourself for yourself but rather, how life makes yourself become yourself, not someone else.” Inspired by George Benard Shaw.

“Never play with nature by littering or crossing the walls. But, keep this nature better because, Allah created this nature for us to enjoy and protect. It’s not for us to enjoy and we’re just broken. “

“A piece of trash will not be useful. However, if a piece of garbage is left to accumulate to eat it will become a sea of ​​rubbish that makes the scenery less pleasant. So, keep the cleanliness from being small. “

“When you are born in the world, it’s time for you to play a role that you can choose for yourself. Want to be evil or be a good person. Life is a stage, only the story can change without us ever being aware of it. “Inspired by Sholom Aleichem.

“We are one Indonesia. In the past, fighters could not win independence with only one sharp bamboo. Therefore, never separate only because of a different choice. Maintaining is harder than snatching. Moreover, maintaining this country alone will definitely be very difficult. “

“We don’t know how we live tomorrow. But, that does not mean we just surrender and according to the fate that exists. Keep trying as hard as possible, so that tomorrow we will only be happy about our hard work that will be seen. It’s not misery because we just relax. “

“Life is only two messages. Happy and difficult, just where you will choose. Do you choose to live hard now but, happy later on. Or you choose to live happily first after that is difficult later on. “

“Never close yourself because science is expensive. Science can make you reach for everything, can make you healthier than before. If you don’t know how to get knowledge then, read according to what Allah taught through the holy verse. “

“Regret will come at the end of the story. Therefore, never decide something without thinking long. Emotion is one of the things that makes your mind become unclear like running water so, be patient. “

“One of the worst traits possessed by humans is throwing away food. The rest of the food that is not eaten is actually, throwing away our sustenance little by little unfortunately we never know such a small thing. “

“The best word in life is thank you. Say and teach the word to your child so that this life becomes more calm and peaceful. Short words but full of meaning. Thank you.”

“Don’t let your age be wasted. Don’t you think 70 years of life is a long time. In fact, 100 years is a very short time. Therefore, make yourself meaningful not for others. Instead, for yourself and your family first, then someone else. “

“When you have chosen something for you to live. So, be responsible for that choice. Never stop or avoid in the middle of the road. Not necessarily your second choice is better than you face it. “

“Savings are not only a rich base, but can make you understand that there are still people who can’t eat rice. If you want to know it doesn’t feel like eating rice is when you are fasting but, at dawn and fasting you don’t know what you want to eat or drink because all the stalls are closed. this is not a matter of eating or not but you still have hope or not. “

“There is a philosophy of life that is possible, we can obey that is to fill something empty and empty what is too full so that this life can be balanced,” Inspired by Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

“We know that the scriptures are human guidelines. If you are confused with various problems attacking you then, go back to the scriptures that Allah has given. It must be your way of life going back to the right path. “

“Getting to the right path will never be easy, it will never be as easy as turning your palm. But, as long as you still have confidence then going to the right path will still be on the right path and you will also get the reward. “

“Never hesitate to cry because, life is sometimes unpleasant and will never be good for you. But, never show those tears to fellow human beings, show your weaknesses to Allah. Because, life is Allah who gives everything. “

“Don’t think what you stole you will get. Life runs with the rotation of a wheel. What you steal from others will someday be stolen by others in the same form can be in a different form. “

“Parents are a reflection of a child who will always imitate him. If you want your child to be good, it’s actually very easy. Be yourself good then, you don’t have to say a lot, your child will follow in the footsteps of your own goodness without you having to ask. “

“There are people who are talking about you behind you. Be calm and think positively because, sometimes an event starts from what we always think and we fear. “

“Never feel that your life is limited. If you want something to reach if you don’t have the capital to reach it you still have thoughts. Thinking is the biggest capital possessed by humans to change from being unable to be able in an instant. “

“Why when we are chased by a ferocious dog can we run as fast as possible and avoid the bite? That event is a sign that humans can actually face anything even if it is as heavy as the problem, but they can never be sure of their own strength. “

“One of the mistakes made by humans is to waste valuable time. Wasting real time is tantamount to throwing away money and food. Where, someday we have to pay with bitter pills. “

“Try to change your mindset where, sometimes you never hear and see a problem first and pessimistic. Optimism is a way to get an answer to what you have to do. “

“Not now you have to be happy. But, now you have to be miserable by continuing to study and also try. Tomorrow, you just have to smile and reach the results that you have contributed. “

“Try to be a person who can’t see this beautiful world. What would you do? Never scoff at another person just because he is disabled. But, ridicule others because, they make mistakes or want money instantly. “

“Allah gives people the power of enthusiasm and never give up but, there are some who are not grateful to choose a shortcut by begging for money. Unfortunately, the money he gets will not make him full when buying food. “

“If you know in life there will be meetings and separation. Everything will never last. Likewise with a problem that you are facing. The problem will fade by itself and nothing lasts a bit. “Inspired by Charlie Caplin.

“Life looks at each other. What you see happily is not necessarily happy. For example, famous artists with abundant assets and can go anywhere and buy anything. do you know that the money you get from it doesn’t sleep for days. You really know how it feels to not just sleep for a day. “

“In friendship there will definitely be one person who is always the opposite and stupid. Just how can you provide understanding so that the friendship relationship doesn’t just crack. Friends are those who can understand each other’s hearts. “

“It’s better to be a friend than to be a lover. Relationship friends do not know the meaning of the word jealousy, they always forgive and understand each other. But, lovers always know the passions that make us have great jealousy. “

“Sometimes you will be faced with a choice and opportunity that comes together. Then, which one will you choose? That choice will affect your future is not an opportunity that comes by itself. “Inspired by Jean Nidetek.

“A smart person is not measured by how much value he gets when in school but rather, how much money he can make to his own life.”

“There is no gloomy and dark future. Just how do we deal with that future with a male heart.” Inspired by Longfellow.

“Never hurt your parents’ hearts because, from your parents, you find a bright path, a way that Allah will facilitate so that you can be a successful person from your parents.”

“There will never be a good situation for everyone who is pursuing their dreams. But, they will get something beautiful after all this is over and you can stand above the peak. “

“The most beautiful period in your life cycle is youth. Where, you still have a passion for doing things well. So, we will be very sinful if we misuse our youth. “Inspired by George Benard Shaw.

“The biggest mistake of us is just doing something stupid by making a small mistake which is careless. Those who can eliminate the careless nature of those who can be successful in a job. “

“Today the greatest honor that can be seen from humans is not a big heart but big money and how they can profit from that money. so, be careful with many people today. “

“Honest is the best attitude that is rarely initiated by people because they prefer to use masks and try all the good and bad ways to fulfill the money that seems to be a god who is obliged to worship.”

“Allah has everything we need to face this mortal and unreal world. Unfortunately we never believe in the power of Allah and can only underestimate it with money obtained in a fast way. “

“Life is like we take a helicopter to the top. We can stand on the mountain easily and get off easily. Likewise with this life we ​​can go up quickly and will go down very fast too. “

“The difficulty of life is to open how we become a winner in a race. But, how do we maintain victory by staying on track until the end of life. “

“Falling in love is very easy. But, to be faithful in loving just one person is the most difficult. Luckily those who get a difficult partner fall in love because, they will never move to another heart. “

“Each of us is a substitute for parents later. Either as a leader or as a parent for our children later. Learn a lot from parents so that we can continue what’s good about them and we can change the bad ones. In this life nothing is ever perfect. “

“Before you advance on the battlefield one mandatory thing you must learn is not the strength of your opponent. Instead, your own strength. Because, many of them never know how your own strength is so that, in that battle you will lose. “Inspired by Lao-Tzu.

“Waiting is really annoying. Therefore, don’t make people wait for you just because you are afraid to do something. Be brave first so the results are determined after that courage. “

“The opportunity will only appear once. Successful people are those who are keen to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them. Changing it into a path we never even thought about. “

“A warrior will sacrifice all body and soul for those who are worth fighting for. So, be you fighters so that you are indeed worth fighting for. “

“In this world there is only one winner, not two winners. While the winner is determined by how diligently he learns from the smallest thing directly open from the greatest rights. Success is a perseverance that will never be tireless. “

“People smile not necessarily about their lives. Usually people smile their lives start from suffering. Therefore, do not be sad because, life is not always with tears but, there will be laughter in every sadness. “

“When you are left by someone else even by your own brother, you don’t need to be afraid to keep going. Because, there is a Allah who will always be there for you. Allah is sufficient as a support for your life not human, which is sometimes different from day to day. “

“Try to look back as far as how much good you have spread for others. Remember, every good that we give them, goodness will return to us. “

“Never waste people who are always there for us at all times and at all times. Because, when they disappear and are no longer on our side, we will feel the greatest longing that we have never felt before. “

“How to keep this life healthy is always very easy is to spread positive attitude to anyone. Good people with us and people who have done bad things with us. “

“Everyone in this world will always be tested by Allah. Not only through wealth, love and throne alone. But rather, through sadness, happiness, and the glory that Allah has given you. “

“Take a nap if you are tired of all your work. Because, the pain will not be able to bring you to success but instead will take you in the dark. The greatest strength in life is the spirit that continues to grow from the heart. “

“A man’s biggest temptation is his desires. If he can defeat lust, loyalty will always be well preserved. “

“The person who can sacrifice the most without knowing strangers is a parent. They are willing to sacrifice for their children, are willing to be hungry without ever complaining even once, they only moan in pain with themselves not with others. “

“The best way to make parents happy is that according to all the right words is not the wrong one, we will never be able to be like our parents to be a reliable deceiver who can care for and give full affection. Pray tirelessly and fight with all your soul. “

“A happy family is those who always have a big fight and then hug and come back laughing cheerfully. Without anyone being hurt by each other. “

“We will never be able to do big things except, do small things first. Because, life is increasing from the smallest to the biggest, not decreasing from the biggest to the smallest. “

“If someone has money a lot of the things he has to buy is time. Because, with the time what we have spent it can come back again by itself. “Inspired by Michael Faraday.

“If you can’t share money with other people in need. At least, you can share your hopes, enthusiasm and kindness with him. Because, a variety of beautiful if, can not be a variety of more then share the light. So that someday you will be divided too. “

“In dealing with problems there is no other way you can do other than thinking about how to get out. Don’t ever hang it on someone else just by yourself. Because, you can do it. “Inspired by Thomas Alva Edisson.

“We can never remove dark spots instantly. However, we can delete it slowly. Just like life when you have made bad things you will never be able to erase it just like that but, it takes time and you have to erase it with kindness without stopping. “

“Many people who are tired of listening to you continue to promise. However, they will appreciate failure because you have tried your best. “

“Sometimes we underestimate the smallest things in life but, we forget that the smallest is what matters for this life.”

“Success is not the end of a struggle because, whenever failure can lurk on you and make you come back from trouble. Therefore, be careful and never be discouraged. ”Inspired by Winston Churchil.

“If you measure success with money, it is the easiest thing to do without working out time, you will get the money. But, if you measure success with others then, keep fighting with full confidence that all of that will surely manifest itself, “

“The biggest decision in your life is to get out of work and replace it with a business of your own. Because, no matter how high your position is still, you join other people not your own company that you can manage with all your heart. “

“Never compare between religious affairs and worldly affairs. Because, religion teaches something beautiful to teach peace. No, teach about violence and cruelty. “

“If you know that all this depends on Allah. Where, when you try to commit suicide but, when Allah has not wanted it, death will never come over. “

“In this life there is a valuable lesson if not everything can be measured from position and money. Many of them forget the rich money and remember that those who have rich hearts. Because, love will always be felt at any time while money is only instant and then disappears. “

“Get in front of the audience and the crowd. Because, they know better if your action is worthy of getting an award or not. An award in the form of applause and memories of the performances that have been undertaken. “

“Get rid of your shame because, that can make you fail to achieve something. You have to be able to run by meeting many people so you can get something you need to achieve your dreams. “

“Debt is an instant way to get money. However, debt is a real occupation by those who claim to be wealthy to those who claim to be poor and helpless with anything. “

“We have never been able to change past history. But, we can make lessons to face the reality today and assemble it tomorrow. A valuable lesson in a life is not how to make a lot of money but how we can improve our lives even if we only go up one ladder. “

“Humans need time alone to reflect on what he has done and what he will do. Pondering is not because we are resigned to the situation. Rather, we are planning a big show that will change the world and also the people around you. “

“Don’t be afraid to work. Because, with that job, you will know that there will be no futile struggle. If you are still afraid, do not work. “Inspired by Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti, Repblic Minister of Fisheries in Indonesia.

“If we want beauty, then fight more to get it. Like, if you want pearls in the glittering sea, then you have to dare to jump into it even though you know, there are sharks that are ready to pounce and hit you anytime. “Inspired by Mr. Ir. Soekarno’s first President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Be like a stick that is united with a rope. It will never be separated, it cannot be broken even though. That’s how we are one brother, one stick with Indonesian ties that won’t be broken. “

“When you want to pursue a dream all you have to do from now is chase it by running, trying, praying, and doing positive things you can do. So that you will more quickly realize your dreams. “Inspired by Ms. Retno Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.”

“People in this country are like people who forget directions. Where, he can only ask and obey what they have explained but, actually he himself does not know where the direction and purpose is for sure. It’s easy to be given a bad influence but, it’s hard to be a good influence. “

“You are a warrior not for yourself and your family but for others. If you don’t know how to be a good fighter. Then. Wherever you are, at any time, you will always give kindness to others. “Inspired by Mr. BJ. Habibie, 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“There are times when we feel sad and upset about the situation. As good as possible a great person must have fallen and felt himself battered. However, the greatest person will rise up and not harm himself with things that are forbidden by religion as an instant outlet. They are the greatest people in this world. “

“Good things in the world are difficult to do but, contain extraordinary benefits for life. Inversely with ugliness. It’s very easy to do but, it contains tremendous ugliness for life. “

“When you feel someone is hurting you or your love is unrequited. Distribute the greatest energy from pain into an achievement, hard at work so that it produces positive energy for yourself and all. So that those who have hurt you will regret by themselves. “Inspired by Ms. Srimulyani, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

“We stand on Indonesian soil, drink the water, and enjoy the growth of childhood and large. this country has contributed to our lives like we have to reciprocate by giving what we have the best. A name that will have to be on the world stage. It is good reciprocity for this country. “

“When you speak be careful what you are saying. Because, when you say something there are many ears that are ready to record it. There are many lips that are ready to blaspheme yourself so you don’t know what to do in this world. “

“You who are up there don’t forget to always look down, see how we can at this point. stay modest and careful not to fall back there and start from the beginning. “

“Time with friends is the best time to exchange ideas and exchange knowledge. Don’t waste the meeting because the opportunity won’t come back for the second time. “

“Walk to various places that you can explore afterwards, tell many people. Because, your experience will be their guide to seeing the world more broadly, not just from one side. “

“Sometimes you will be faced with a very beautiful mirage. Where, as if everything is like heaven. Remember that Satan will always be able to deceive humans in any way therefore, stay focused on one goal and never fall asleep. “

“Repeating the success that exists is a sign that they are afraid to start and they are not the true fighters. However, those who dare to try other successes are those who have firm faith and the true warrior. “Inspired by Walt Disney.

“Life is like a discovery. We must first find out what we want to find. Use formulas, and try them many times. just as if you want to find a good in yourself then you have to find it first. “Inspired by Thomas Alva Edison.

“Do not be easy to be angry because actually, anger is a weapon that can make people destroyed. Every human being will surely have a stage of being ignored, laughed at, then attacked you. If, remain patient without anger then victory will be present but, on the contrary if anger wins, defeat will also be present. “Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

“There are many people who try to block you from doing something, but they are no match for you. It’s just that you yourself sometimes hinder yourself and that is the strongest enemy that is always difficult for you to conquer. “

“Never respond to pain with the same pain. Because, all that will break even and is of no use. Reply to pain with kindness, surely someday you will get something big and you will never find out. “

“The only biggest hope that humans have is themselves where they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, that hope is always closed with lazy words that are reluctant to leave. “

“When it continues to spin, we know the word stop. If you want to be successful then work like time who never knew the word tired at all. keep going even though he will come back again in the same place. “

“No matter how good your appearance is, everything must be measured using the heart. Because, no matter how bad it seems if the heart is very good. Then, it will change to good. “

“Fight for what you want. If you want coconuts, climb up and take the fruit. Don’t be like a durian fruit that can just fall off when the fruit is ripe. “Inspired by Mohammad Natsir.

“Fight from the smallest thing, namely getting up early. Because, everything starts from the morning so does hope. If you can do it further to the next struggle. “

“As strong as any enemy in front of you there is nothing you cannot kill. There is no weapon in this world that is more than love. Not seen but, immediately hit in the heart bound and will not be able to run anywhere. “Inspired by Cut Nyak Dien.

“If you are less intelligent, you better learn until you can get intelligence. If you are not capable then keep trying so that the experience is always with you. However, if it is dishonest it will be difficult to change it. “Inspired by Mr. Mohammad Hatta, first Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Do not ever think being a leader is fun and can be in control of his shoulders. The leader suffers and always gets no place. It’s just that a good leader will always be remembered for all his services from the beginning to the end. “Inspired by K.H. Agus Salim.

“Fight for this country that has given a place. Never turn away even though they always give a wealth or glory. Because, no matter how many people owe a lot to Indonesia. “

“It’s better that you be at home alone with a small income than you have to live with the help of a lot of money but, if you count more in the results the results will be the same.”

“You young people are the spearhead of the nation and state. Replacing the old leadership who is no longer able to carry out heavy duty. It’s just that, are the young people ready to replace the old ones? “

“The experience of speaking is not just an age factor. Rather, how far we go and absorb every event that exists. “

“Put your life on the line for all your dreams. Because, if you are reluctant to risk it, nothing will be won. “

“The most common ignorance of people today is pride. So, they are more often looking for opponents than looking for friends. In fact, life will be beautiful if you have many friends with many opponents. “Inspired by Bung Tomo.

So many of us have given various Positive Quotes to you. Hopefully it will be useful and hopefully what Ihategreenjello have above can be applied in life so that what we live will always get good blessing from Allah.

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