167 Best Life Quotes Ever That’ll Motivate You

Best Life Quotes Ever – Life is full of mysteries. We will not know what will happen next. In fact, even one second in the future we will never know. All is power from Allah and is a destiny that must be lived. Interestingly, life cannot choose but must be lived with a smile and not tears.

Life Quotes
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Maybe, the world is not just a word. But, through that word we are able to learn and reflect on what we have to hit in various problems. Or for those of you who are at the lowest point. Below are some quotes that can be used as special inspiration for you.

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Best Life Quotes

“Life must be balanced, if you only look at the cheerful. Maybe, you are a crazy person. And, who only looks at suffering can be someone who is sick. “Quoted from Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s writing.


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“Maybe, we can talk about religion where we feel that what we have done is right. But, right in the eyes of humans is not necessarily true in Allah’s eyes. It could be, we have faith but, without realizing it, we have deceived ourselves. “


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“The world is getting hotter with the presence of many people, lots of souls, and a lot of thoughts. Be careful, not another rich and poor attack but rather an attack that is never known. So, they are destroyers that destroy peace. “


“Whether you believe it or not heaven and hell exist. Both in the world and in other realms after this. Actually, you can feel unfortunately, you can’t express. “


“Allah is always present in every problem in your life. So, don’t be arrogant to stand tall. Because, everything we cannot see is not necessarily we cannot feel at all. “


“Actually life is easy. You just have to think positively then what you do will never be in vain. “


“Never leave your family because, that’s where you will start this life.” Inspired by Maisei Junardy


“There are some people in this part of the world as a game, an illusion, some consider it a challenge, an obstacle, and also a pleasure. So, it all depends on yourself choosing it. “Inspired by the writings of Maisie Junardy


“The past can never be your future. But, you can learn from the past to determine the direction of your future. “


“Be honest with yourself by being who you are. No need to be someone else just to be considered perfect. Because, life is nothing perfect. “


“There is nothing eternal in this world. What you have got will not always get you. So, while you are above, make the best use of it for the common good. “


“Don’t be sad about the decisions you make. Because, there is no wrong decision. It’s just that you don’t know what you are going to do after making that decision. “


“In this world there are only two cases, namely good and evil. Where do you choose? “


“You decide where you will go. Not friends, friends or parents. They are only advisors. So, never be afraid of the beliefs you have fertilized deeply. “


“Success is out of your comfort zone. However, I don’t think there will be a comfort zone while we don’t dare to do something for ourselves. Even though, it feels very difficult. The comfort zone that we made it. “



“Life is indeed nothing eternal. We will never know how many more days we can walk in this world. It could be, one day, two days, or maybe a few more years. My biggest fear is that from a little time I can give my best not just for my dreams. Rather, for others. “Inspired by Helvy Tiana Rosa’s writing.


“Coffee is indeed bitter but, for those who can’t feel it. Likewise this life feels bitter indeed only for those who don’t know how to do it well. “


“Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. Crying is your way to get all the weights out and after that, you will become strong again. “


“Every human being has a problem. But, don’t let the problem make his life worse. Remember problems come to strengthen not to weaken. Even though, it’s very difficult to do. “



“Say first about dreams. Because, the more often you say, the more you listen. Increasingly, you will be close to that dream too. “


“Someone who is successful is not measured by how much wealth and throne he has. Rather, it is measured by how many dreams it straps into a reality. “


“Learn from a grain of civet coffee. Everyone knows, if civet coffee comes from civet animal droppings. However, its taste is so loved that it becomes expensive coffee. Likewise with you who have nothing but, are always able to be sought because, have an advantage that is expensive. “


“A true winner will know how to win. And, you will never know how to lose. “


“Many people hate you and want to drop you. Remember if Allah is always by your side. So, before they drop you they have to bring down Allah first. Can they do it? “


“Success doesn’t know who your parents are. But, success knows best who you are. “


“Beautiful face or beautiful heart. Sometimes life is met in a very difficult reality. If you have this, believe in your heart. Because, he will never be wrong. “


“Never lie to yourself and others. Because, lying is the greatest power to destroy you instantly.”



“Yesterday I went outside, knowing a lot of young people who were eager to make activity proposals. I can feel that spirit. Unfortunately, I can’t feel the spirit of making the same proposal for their own dreams and ideals. In fact, that is the most important. “Inspired by the writings of Lenang Manggala.


“This world only needs one, namely a winner, not a coward who doesn’t want to fight harder.”


“As long as you can still get up, then get up. We will never know, rise to the umpteenth how many successes will you achieve. “


“School exam failures are painful. But, it will be even more painful if you fail to pass the life test and the test of love. “



“Courageous are those who love their lives and crave it as a treasure that will never be able to return.” Inspired by the writings of Eji Yoshikawa



“We can’t be anything if we never try anything.”


“It doesn’t hurt to try. Even if it fails, courage will bring you the next success, “


“Family is the best place to go home. Where, there are a million affections that will melt some fatigue and sadness that continue to attack, “


“Listen to your heart than you listen to other people’s words. Because, conscience is more honest than the words of others who are sometimes added with flavorings. “


“If you are tired, stop for a moment and look for a place of worship. Because, that’s where you will find various answers to your problems. “



“Believe every problem we face, there is an investigation. Moreover, the one who gave the problem was Allah. It’s just that, Allah never gave a solution because, wanting to know how much we love Allah. ”Inspired by Ulilamrir Rahman.



“Time, speech and deeds are three things that can never be restored. So, be smart to manage time. Maintain good words. And always do positive actions to always get something positive. “


“If you feel insignificant in this world. So, try to be a small candle that can shine on everyone. Even though it’s only small. However, everything will be meaningful for others. “


“Sometimes we are more busy thinking about being a light for someone else than being a light for ourselves. Because, we know that happiness comes when we see people’s smiles not seeing ourselves smile. “


“Every day we are given the opportunity to do good by Allah. Where, we are still given life, given breath, and given all the conveniences. With all that, do you still deny it and want more? “


“Have you ever counted how many blessings Allah has given you? One of the most obvious things is the eye. Try to imagine if we can’t see, can we say if the flower is beautiful? What is the amount of gold that must be needed for those eyes? “


“You might think why give to someone else, you will be given by someone else. Before you think about it, you should first ask why someone else gave you. “


“Sometimes we can hear other people say,” this is good for you. “Even though they never know what is best for your own life. You know about yourself because of that, you are the one who must determine it not them. “Inspired by Vinca Kalista Killah


“Why are there moments of Eid to forgive each other? Because, actually we are brothers who cannot fight with each other. After all, we won’t know who will be sent by Allah to help solve all our problems, “


“This life is to be fought for. Never be satisfied with what is achieved. It’s not that it’s not grateful but, to try how far we can go. Because, testing yourself is also important. “


“Learn from those who like surfing. Where, they knew the big waves were rolling. But, they can conquer it and present beauty. They are sure, if there is nothing they cannot deal with. Even though, the waves are as big as anything. “


“Don’t be sad, Allah knows better what will happen in the future than you humans who can only assemble it.”


“We are great people, unfortunately we never dare to prove it. We are more busy listening to the scorn of other people who are actually wrong. It’s just being a truth because, we ourselves justify silently. Not a real action. “


“Never feel resentful with the past. No matter how painful it is, we will not know how the story in the future without the past, “



“Life consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Where, we have to learn from yesterday to live today and tomorrow. “Inspired by Vergi Crush.


“There are many people who are willing to wait for the problem to eat away at their souls just to receive the mercy of others and help others. Unfortunately, someone like that, will only wait for when depression will attack him. “Inspired by Lea Yunkicha.



“Stand on your own feet even though, you fall and feel yourself. However, you don’t need to be indebted and eventually have to change. The strongest debt borne by humans is debt of gratitude. “


“You don’t need a lot of news and lots of rhetoric. Just prove it with the work then they will be quiet themselves later, “


“Life is easy, don’t complicate yourself with other people who always scoff and knock you down. Just listen, that’s enough. Because, they just want to hear enough is no more. “


“Words are so easy to say. A man does not indulge in it. Usually, he will only be quiet and act more. “


“Sometimes you have to choose two difficult decisions at once. Remember, there is no good and bad decision that is just the right decision or not. Because, every decision contains risks that we will never know next. “


“When we are in the middle of a cliff. One thing we can do to save ourselves is to believe and pray. Because, praying will be in vain if we don’t believe our prayer is granted. And vice versa, just believing is not enough if we don’t say a prayer. “


“Luckily, if you are born with grace, you can be grateful for Allah’s blessings. Because, those who cannot be grateful will always focus on what they do not have until finally, everything they try will be lost in vain. “Inspired by Arief Subagja.


“If you can’t meet in the real world. better to pray to meet in the dream world. Because, everything starts from a dream and becomes a reality. That is life.”


“Maybe, you’re not a good person. But, there is no harm in not doing good to people. Because, from that kindness you will understand if the variety is beautiful. “


“Treasure can make you feel happy living in this world. Buy whatever you want and make all this perfect. Unfortunately, property will be left when we die. Therefore, there is no need to hoard treasure enough to accumulate love that will continue to be remembered for all time.”


“Reflect yourself to be a good person before you find a good person. Because, the companion of your life is a reflection of your true self.”


“Never feel arrogant in this world. Try to stare at the sky at night. So, you will feel how small you are before Allah.”


“The hardest thing in life is giving without having to bring it up again. Sometimes we often forget that what we give is no longer our right. Rather, he has the right to receive it. “


“If you want the greatest knowledge, then go explore. Because, actually life is a matter of how far you walk. Because, experience is the best teacher in life. “



“Never feel alone because, Allah will always be present in your heart. It’s just that we will never know how Allah came and became friends for all the problems we face. “


“Every one of us is destined to succeed with a different path and storyline. The difference is how we go about the path. With full guidance or with full complaints. Remember, there is a destiny that you can change for the better. “




“Many crimes on this earth are not due to the increase in bad people. Rather, many good people are just silent seeing the crime happening so they will regret it later.” Inspired by Ahmad Fuadi.



“A person can be a sparkling gem because of his heart. If it is always overgrown with goodness, the sparkle will radiate by itself. If filled with evil then, the sparkle will fade away on its own. “


“Life is a mountain climbing trip. Where, the distance that is still far away will feel close because, we continue to be in the doctrine to think of a close distance to surrender is not the main choice. So, if you are already weak and down, remember that soon we will reach our destination. “


“Sometimes we consciously say love and love parents. But, unconsciously we make our parents miserable even though, he will continue to smile. “


“If you want to know who is the greatest and greatest liar he is an old man. Try it you feel when you need something he is willing to lie for us, willing to smile even though his heart is crying to see us happy. “


“Learn from a snail. Perlaha but surely, he will arrive at his destination. “


“While you still have both parents, love him wholeheartedly because, when they leave you will feel how difficult it is to be a real parent.”


“That night is mortal, its beauty is only brief and temporary. Just as we on earth are only short and temporary. “



“If you want to know what a mas’s like,  take a good look at hoe he treats his inferiors not this equals” Inspired By J. K. Rowling



“When we talk about other people, we are indirectly talking about ourselves. Because one index finger leads to another and the other 3 indexes point to ourselves. “


“Never feel able to be all you have achieved so far. Remember, those are the ends of Allah that move others to help you. Allah can just turn things around for a moment. “


“If you want to start kindness but, shame because you have committed many crimes. So, start from the small and the closest person. Those who will erase the name of your crime with the good you have given. “


“The world is only a moment, the term just stops asking for a drink. therefore, don’t waste yourself for something that is harmful and useless. Remember regrets always come at the end of the story. “


“Allah always loves charity a little, but it is done every day, not many, but only once. Remember our principle of saving is a little over a hill. “


“Being an adult is not easy, there are many things we have to think about. But, being children is more difficult because, there are many things we must learn. Starting something will never be as easy as it is, continuing it. “


“There is nothing wrong with either those who have done evil to us. Remember, Allah alone gives the widest forgiveness to those who are evil and repentant. Then, evil again and repent again. Why, we humans cannot do it? “


“If there is someone who is patient, there is a limit. So, he needs to go back to learning more about science. “



“Always remember son, the best boss is the one who bosses the least. Wheter it’s  cattle, or horses, or men, the least government is the best government.” Inspired By Ralph Moody.



“Successful people will always learn. Because, in this world there are always new things that can overthrow its success. “


“Look at the people around you. They are the inspiration that makes you grateful and continues to struggle that life will never be easy. “


“Only fools can blame someone for the expensive and difficult prices of work. Because, he will never understand if humans will continue to grow every day and he also does not understand if smart people will definitely lose to lucky people. “


“We certainly will never get a chance if we don’t make the opportunity ourselves.”


“Money can be searched and sometimes comes alone. However, the intention to search is sometimes difficult to obtain because, they still like to choose uncertain opportunities. “




“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Inspired By Steve Jobs.



“Life is not always filled with truth, what looks right before the eyes turns out to be the opposite.”


“Evil will only receive a momentary victory but, the truth will receive an absolute victory.”



“There is nothing easy in this world. Even though he is a rich man and comes from a conglomerate group. Remember that rich person has a side of sadness that we never thought. Where, he is always busy with work. Not warmth in the family. “


“Farewell will cause endless suffering. Not just a reputation and a name. However, the child’s future is also at stake. Therefore, dull the ego for true happiness. “


“Never feel jealous of other people. Because, we will never know how he can achieve success today. “



“it’s not the costumer’s job to know what they want.” Inspired By Steve Job.



“Sometimes we feel tired of praying but nothing happens. Remember, before Allah granted it, Allah would test ourselves how worthy we are for that prayer. “


“There are things that will kill you slowly, namely revenge. Because, this disease will chain will never stop if we cannot forgive. “


“Do good because you hope for a reply from Allah. Because, when you hope for humans, everything will just be light. Remember, humans will only remember one of a thousand good. However, humans will always be reminded of one mistake though, it is very small. “


“Never see what they have. Because, we don’t know how much they struggle to have it. “


“Sit together and talk about all your problems. Speaking in the back will not solve the problem but, making that problem will develop more creepy. “



 “Before you act listen. Before ypu react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, pray.” Inspired by Ernest Herningway



“When you fail to achieve something or you lose something. So, keep working, blaming the others will only waste time and all those who have disappeared will still not return. “


“Pain will teach me many things. Therefore, never complain and live what you are living. Because, someday you will reap the perfect result. “


“Sharpen your soul to be tough. Because, the champion will never be able to become a winner again, if he has a very bad mentality. “



“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Inspired By Albert Einstein



“Never rush because all the decisions you make must be held accountable later. So that one mistake will cause a big and long error.


“If, you’re in trouble. So, before speaking to humans, talk to Allah first. Because, we don’t know how good humans are to us. It could be, he was planning something to drop. No, it means bad thinking, but caution is still needed. Moreover, problems in life need not be disseminated. “


“Be someone who has a different way of thinking. Because, successful people are sometimes born from those who have different ways of thinking than others. “



“if you are walking down the right path and you’re  wrilling to keep  walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” Inspired By Barack Obama.



“Opening up for others is necessary. Because, towards a better life is not just from experience. Rather, from many relationships. “


“There is nothing wrong if we have to sacrifice for others. Because, sacrifice is a big practice that will be returned in another form. Remember, when we plant the mangoes properly and are given the best fertilizer the results will be good. But, if the opposite is true, then the result is also the opposite. “


“The flow of life is indeed sometimes difficult to understand and understand. Therefore, live with it best. “




“If you can’t, work with love but only distaste, it is better you should leave your work.” Inspired By Khalil Gibran




“The biggest test that humans have to go through is losing wealth. If you don’t want to lose pain, then remove your treasure in a fun way. Remember, treasure will not last. Increasingly, many give more and more who will return without us knowing it. “


“Life cannot only be measured by money. Experience and valuable knowledge is a treasure that is more valuable than money that will disappear by it self. “


“We cannot choose what is destined. But, we can live and change destiny according to our wishes. Just, changing Allah’s destiny is not as easy as turning your palm.”




“Before you start something, there is the most important thing you have to do first, which is a fairly long preparation.” Inspired By Alexander Graham Bell


“Never regret the past that has shaped your future to be like this. But, regret why when you are living the future you cannot change it to be better.”


“Never see anything from results. Because, towards good results a long process is needed. Learn from the process which is a valuable experience to live the day ahead. “


“The foundation for success is not an abundant treasure and also parents but faith, love, integrity, loyalty, honesty, and also character.” Inspired by Zig Ziglar



“You are the greatest asset for success, therefore, never stop to always believe that you can do it. It’s just that, you still feel embarrassed to show it. “


“Never say it’s difficult or can’t. Because, everything starts from the brain which will direct all limbs to move. If, the commander gives direction, it can do so, the limbs will move to do it. Vice versa.”


“Happy is how you determine the time flow. Because, when the groove goes sad but, you still smile then, that’s where real happiness lies. “



“More smile less worry, more love class less judgment, more grateful to reduce stress, more love less hate.” Inspired by Roy T. Bennet.



“Allah actually has shown you many things. Unfortunately, you never realized it. “


“Humans are destined to be forgetful. Where, forget that we still have Allah who will always help us alone. Forgot, that Allah gave everything. “


“Poor people are those who never want to learn and develop themselves following the times. Meanwhile, rich people are those who always struggle to make the age follow it. “


“Life has only two poor and rich choices, death also has only two choices of hell and heaven. We who choose and ourselves determine. “


“Be aware if, in fact, Allah loves you with unlimited pleasure. If, you are able to realize it, then you will be more aware that your life is the greatest treasure that Allah has ever given you. “Inspired by Gift Gugu Mona.



“Loyalty is the greatest asset in living a household. Therefore, look for couples who want to fight together not those who want to enjoy together. “


“Never feel enough when giving charity and giving to others. Because, believe in not believing all of that will become capital in the face of death. “


“Maybe now you are the poorest person. But, in another hour you can become the richest person. A depends on where you are going to try to change the impossible which is possible. Because, business will not betray the results. “


“Failure is not achieved because we cannot but we never learn from others.”


“We must find time to stop and thank people who have made a difference in our lives. Without them, we are just flying dust. “Inspired by John. F. Kennedy.



“Life does not have to be planned in such a way, just live it and let it happen.” Inspired by Jenny Han.


“The biggest loss in your life is when you can do something but you choose not to do it.”


“Don’t ever doubt your own abilities because, you will never be able to see the beauty of the dawn if you doubt it,”


“In this world it will never be too late to start something. Either start a new thing, or start arranging everything from scratch. “


“A sturdy building is very easy to build. It’s just that, to take care of it sometimes we have trouble. Basically, the end of this life is patience. The patient moment is wide. So, this sturdy building can be maintained very well. “


“One of the things to be feared in life is yourself. Because, we will not know what will be done now, and what we will do later. “Inspired by Haruki Murakami.




“The hardest thing is not forgiving others. Instead, forgive yourself because, blaming yourself makes life change instantly. “


“Sometimes we need to laugh at the problems that come. Because, by laughing freely we will know how to solve the problem. “


“Being a successful person does not start with successful people. Rather, from small people who continue to grow so, they become big people. Try asking those who are currently above. Surely they will experience what it’s like to be under. “


“People above will fall into the abyss because they are not careful. Therefore, be careful because money is the biggest test in life that is lived in the end times.”


“Sometimes we are faced with a problem. However, we must know whether the right solution to the problem is to be solved. Or we just accept it. “Inspired from the Kepogaul.com site




“Great people are those who can defeat themselves. No, he can achieve success in an instant way. Because, to make instant noodles also need a struggle. “


“Fight in the right way. When, we struggle in a way that is not good then someday we will return with a bad path. “


“Indeed, we are great people who can survive in all seasons. It’s just that we are too spoiled by the situation. “


“The most painful thing is betrayed. However, the most strengthening thing is also betrayed. Because, we can learn how this heart becomes resilient if it is hurt again. “


“The most effective remedy when the heart is broken is not liquor but rather surrender to Allah. It’s just that the path of goodness takes a long time so that it is often abandoned by people. “




“Foresight is something that is needed by humans to achieve what they dream of.”


“Be patient if you are being laughed at by someone else. Because, if your patience is fruitful you will laugh at them. “


“Tears are the salts of the blows that make the taste become salty.” Inspired by Buya Hamka.


“If, you fail in achieving the dream, look in front of the mirror and see yourself. Then, ask what you have done for that success. “


“Never depend on anyone but Allah. Because, humans will sooner or later leave us. “


“Do we realize that something starts from the smallest thing. Therefore, never weaken something. Because of that, it can make you trivial. “


“Life is there once. First when going to teenagers with all dreams. And second, is when you get married and become a parent. If you fail first, at least you can change it in the second one. “


“You can’t stop to walk because, there is no lasting success.”


“Sometimes humans are funny, know Allah but, still hope for humans who have no power.”


“Allah alone, I don’t like being preached with Satan. Moreover, humans are superseded by others. “


“Living together for more than 50 years is not easy. Need long deals that will never be broken. “


“When likened to this life is a flower that blooms. Meanwhile, honey is a tempting love. “Inspired by Victor Hugo


“Be careful of mortal nights. he can change you to be better than before but, not infrequently makes you worse. “



Finally, Ihategreenjello journey about life quotes that will always have a beginning and an end. Where, many words are revealed, many lessons that we can make lessons mean in spending time before returning to the Divine again.


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