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101 Best Islamic Quotes About Life

The Best Islamic Quotes About Life – Life is increasingly complicated and difficult. There are many things that we have not understood, but Allah has understood it first. All that is in life is indeed arranged in such a way by Allah that, we only need to follow what becomes the will and the way without reducing the fighting spirit in the least.

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Perhaps, many doubt Allah’s power. Because, things that are not real and do not make sense are indeed difficult to enter reason. But, that is the power of Allah with all things that cannot be a possibility that sometimes cannot enter reason and reason.

Therefore, the best thing that must be done by humans is to get closer to Allah. Because, that is the only way we can be free from the name of world torture and also hell.

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Below are some Islamic Quotes from ihategreenjello that you can use as examples so that we can be enthusiastic and not give up easily. Because, giving up is something that is not liked by Allah. So, let’s look at some of his Quotes, hopefully inspiring.

Best Islamic Quotes Ever

“When you wake up when you are praying and performing two rakkat prayers like Allah commands, at that moment the wind has blown something you can understand inside yourself. Therefore, never come back to sleep. “Inspired by Jalaludin Rumi.

“Allah is happy if he is always remembered if Allah likes us, surely it will be an immeasurable blessing. I take an example if, you love someone else you will always remember not. If on the contrary he also always remembers us, surely you will be very happy not. And surely what a hassle you will be to help him. Likewise with Allah who will always help his people who are in distress. “Inspired by Panji Ramdana.

“If you don’t know what to do, don’t relax your efforts. Wake up at night and bow to Allah. Pray what you want. Remember prayer is a business that also will never be easy for us to live it. “

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“Allah is when we are in trouble, big or small. If, you want to meet by talking directly with Allah. So, come when you are hit by disaster. So, Allah will listen when you complain. Especially, in one third of your night, when everyone is sleeping soundly. That’s where the Lord will come with angels. “

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“Remember, Allah gives what you need not what you want. Because, Allah does not want it to happen if you are just a useless person. If you know what you need then you will chase it. Allah likes people who never give up. “

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“What are you sad for if there is a Allah who will always help you. But, you must be patient because, help comes along with those who are patient. Because, when we are patient we will learn to deal with it. “Inspired by HR. Ahmad.

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“Allah does not predestine you to be together not because Allah does not like you but, there is a better story that you must face first. Because, mate is not just today. It can be sharp Allah destined you to match later. And at that time is the best time for you together. “

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“Many of the blessings that Allah has given you are just that you can never thank him. The deliciousness from the smallest one later, turns into a joint. If you are small, you can never be grateful for how you are grateful for what you can. Life goes according to what you think. So, which other favor do you deny? “Dimabil from the Holy Qur’an Al-Qur’an Surat Ar-Rahman.

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“Doing good will always be difficult rather than doing evil. Because, doing good is the attitude that Allah likes. And doing evil is the attitude that Satan likes. All that Allah likes is actually doing it easy but, to gather his difficult intentions. That is proof that Satan is working so well that you are unwittingly walking towards him. It’s better to be loved by Allah or Satan, is that your choice? “

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“How much wealth you have that is seen by Allah is Charity and what we do while in the world. A person who is rich in the world when he gets his property with good and lawful things, he will get it back in heaven. But, a poor person who seeks money in a way that is not lawful he will also get it back in hell. All do you know how much money you have but how much you are willing to sacrifice for Allah and the religion you believe in. “

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“In fact in this world you don’t need anyone to help you succeed. Enough you rely on Allah then, Allah will bring those people and will deliver you to success. All of that is easy, sometimes we make it difficult for ourselves. Larena, an unclear reason. “

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“When you say that you want to walk on a straight path. Actually Allah has prepared people who will accompany you on his journey. It’s just that, a human being always has shortcomings where, their faith will always be tested for that. “

“Actually Allah is what you think. If, you think Allah will always help you in every second. So, even Allah will give his help to you. If instead you think that Allah is evil. So, Allah will always act evil to you. “

“The struggle that is accompanied by bismillah is the struggle that wants Allah to be together in every sweat that comes out, therefore every struggle will be counted as a worship that presents so many rewards.”

“In this world there is no best activity except prayer activities, because, people praying is a successful person who we will never know where the success is, Working in the way of Allah is most pleasant. Besides getting pleasure we will also get an abundance of extraordinary grace. “

“If your heart is anxious because a problem comes, get close to Allah. In fact, Allah is the one who gives problems and Allah will solve the problem. And take all the wisdom that exists because Allah is not without reason creating a problem. Instead, we must learn something from that problem, “

“When we are off guard, the devil usually attacks. Remember Satan will always invite people to sin. Karenam demons want humans to come with them to hell. If you already know the image of a hot and frightening hell, do good to be able to smell the fragrant, cool, heaven. “

“Allah gives you sustenance every month until you can feel the pleasure of payday. Then, why when the call to prayer reverberates are you still working? Try it, if Allah gives you pain until finally all of your salary is just to treat your pain. What if it will happen to you. “

“Treasure is the most frightening thing. Can save you and put you in heaven, but not a few are able to put you into hell. Moreover, today money shares the gods who can grant all requests. Without money everything will be chaotic. Even from the smallest one currently uses money. So, be careful what you have now. Not necessarily your prayer will help you avoid hellfire if your treasure is searched the wrong way. “

“Never talk about other people behind other people. Indeed, Allah does not like it. Need to know when we talk about other people then one finger will point to the person while you still have 3 more fingers that will point to yourself. In other words, when you talk about the ugliness of other people you are actually talking about your own evil. “

“Understanding what is Allah’s secret is indeed very difficult especially, our future will never know how it will be. It’s just that we can’t just keep quiet. We have Allah to be able to help with anything. In fact, we will never realize where Allah’s help came from. Allah can bring anyone to help or punish your mistakes. “

“If you feel your life is less happy, then it’s a sign that you are never grateful. Many people whose lives are lower but, they can like what they get. Because, what is produced by humans is the result of human hard work itself. Meanwhile, Allah only helps give some of his people to help. “

“Be forgiving even though it’s very difficult. Because, one of the attributes of Allah is forgiving. Why we as a people cannot forgive the mistakes of others. A forgiving person will always get a great place beside Allah and make him a tough person in facing anything on this earth. “

“The easiest charity is to smile, the most difficult alms and get a big reward is money. You just choose which one. Sometimes in mathematical questions Allah one plus one is not always equal to two. Can be more and can also be reduced. Therefore, give alms because, charity makes us rich people. “

“Many people dream but their dreams are always blocked and eventually give up. But, for Muslims, there is a lot of motivation and prayer in their dreams. Because, if it fails, there will be a replacement and a better way. Because the same goal is not necessarily a different path and according to our plan. Believe me, Allah will always grant all our prayers. It’s just that, Allah has his own way to grant it. Unfortunately, we never understand the purpose of Allah. “

“Envy and envy is actually a demonic nature that exists in humans. All of that cannot be changed even though, even the slightest jealousy and envy will surely accompany. It’s just that humans have the sense to change it instead of erasing it. Changing jealousy and envy as a power favored by Allah by trying and praying without ever being tireless. That is why the reason humans were created as the most perfect creature on this earth. “

“Intend all because of Allah. Life and death of someone only Allah knows, if our sustenance can still look for it no matter how. Because, if the heart is intended because Allah everything we will do will always be blessed by Allah and made easy for all matters. “

“If at this time you are still far from Allah, there is no harm in getting closer to Allah, it is difficult but, a beautiful life will never be easy. A happy life is always full of difficulties. For example, enjoying the sun rises above the mountain peak. surely we will face a difficult field. “

“It is better to share property and knowledge than you are only a variety of one of which is useful knowledge the reward will flow full as long as the person you give the knowledge to practice what you teach. Meanwhile, if you give it a treasure to practice that knowledge, then perfect your deeds that you can make hold of when you die later. “

“Life is hard and hard. Increasingly more human knowledge increases as the day progresses. Keep sticking to the scriptures that become guides and life guidelines. Because with the scriptures we will all be saved both from this world and also at the end of the day. “

“Be yourself who is always facing Allah rather than you have to be someone else but, in your heart disagree, Allah prefers you to be your own person even though it is always opposed by others. Instead of you being someone else who is loved by people and being hated by Allah. “

“Food is Allah’s most extraordinary sustenance and blessing. Being able to eat and enjoy a variety of delicious and delicious dishes is the key to a world of pleasure. However, many people sometimes do not respect food by rebuking it and throwing it away even. Allah hates people who can never appreciate food or throw food away. Try to remember that if you can’t eat, what will it feel? “

“Never give up to pray to Allah. Actually what prevents prayer is fulfilled is yourself because you can never be patient in the slightest to always ask and ask. We just use philosophy when we ask parents. The longer we ask for more patience, we will be given by our parents. “

“Beautiful in that world is not necessarily beautiful in his heart. What a loss if you let go of a woman who is beautiful in her heart, instead of a beautiful person. Because the heart is a reflection from within, while the face can be polished in such a way. But, not for the heart. “

“You are a champion, only you never know that. You will know if you continue to walk together between effort and prayer. Because both are the biggest power that humans have. “

“Don’t ever blame other people for what happened to you. Because, all of that is your own fault. But, this is part of Allah’s plan that you must live before you reach truly happy happiness. “

“Man’s biggest mistake is those who never believe in the power of Allah in the slightest. but, they believe in other powers which in fact violate religion. Embrace Allah. Try it if you are preoccupied with another and it is a subordinate, what will you do. That’s what the parable looks like. “

“Some say fate cannot be changed. However, there is a verse that explains that Allah will not change the destiny of a people if he does not change it. In other words, Allah gives you the greatest opportunity to change your destiny and your destiny to be better. Therefore, never miss this opportunity. “

“Actually, this world is just a place to test one’s faith before Allah. Is he really away from his prohibitions and carrying out his orders. Where, every time we do we will get a reward. Whether it’s convenience, it’s also trouble. Only we and Allah understand it. Therefore, do good to others so that goodness will save us in walking in this mortal world. “

“There are many good words that you should say to others. Either in a state of joy or anger. Don’t you ever say a word that you actually don’t even like to hear if you say it to yourself. “Inspired by Ali Bin Abi Talib.

“Neighbors are a big test in living in a society. Not disturbing not because of doing good to neighbors. But we must be patient with the actions of neighbors who often disturb us. Remember neighbors are brothers who are close to ourselves who can help and help in any situation. “

“Every good will definitely be rewarded with kindness. And every crime will surely be repaid with evil. Equally spreading seeds in this world is better to spread good seeds so that we all get the same good. “

“Humans are destined and created in this world with common sense that is so broad compared to other creatures of Allah. Therefore think broadly to look for a thousand and one reasons to justify the mistakes of others who have behaved badly to us. “Inspired by Dr. Al-Qomi Aidh.

“Try to reflect for a moment with what has happened so far. how is your past, present and future. Because the most valuable knowledge is knowledge about itself. Who has succeeded in knowing the nature of himself, he has the potential to know the nature of his Allah. “Inspired by M. Quraish Shihab.

“Live as you want, but you must remember that you will someday die. Love whoever you want to love but, you must remember one day you will part with him, because life is nothing eternal. And, do as you please but, remember that someday you will receive a reply later. “Inspired by Imam Ghazali.

“Life is really just looking for a winner in self-belief. Not looking for a life that is enjoyable and eternal. When you understand how to get close to Allah at that time, you will understand that wealth will always be with you now and later. “

“Why must be sad to go through the day in this world. You have the biggest capital in this world. Not money, position, throne, whatever parents have rank, degree, and position. You have prayers that you shouldn’t waste. Because, with that prayer you will get whatever you can. Even this world will be very small with prayer. “Inspired by Yusuf Mansur

“Allah created humans to fight not to give up and become weak people. Look at the prophet Adam, who still perseveres with patience to reunite with his wife’s air. See also the struggle of the other prophets who are no less difficult. Maybe, we really cannot be prophets. But, at least we have a fighting spirit that is almost the same as a prophet. “

“Actually your greatest strength is prayer. If, with prayer alone, you are already weak then, it is certain that you will also be weak in everything. Therefore, no matter how bad you are and how bad you are, keep praying. Because, Allah always waits for those who pray. “

“Islam always teaches to forgive one another. Because, actually we are all brothers who cannot be separated. Fellow brothers and sisters must be good to each other because, from there we will get glory and get a way for all the things that you pray to Allah. “

“We should be ashamed of the presence of chickens crowing before dawn or at dawn. As for us, it’s still nice to sleep and covered in cloth because it blocks the cold that attacks. Remember, some say that when you wake up in the afternoon, you will eat chicken. This is evident, if it is too late, then some sustenance will disappear. If, want to get rich get up early and pray. “Inspired by Lukman Hakim.

“One form of blessing from Allah for humans is to create tests that will never end. Because, Allah is on every test. Never complain or give up on various problems that come before your eyes. But, face it with a smile because actually Allah exists with us. “Inspired by Ibn Taimiyah.

“Your spread is the most powerful creature in the world. A creature that can deal with anything. Unfortunately you never believe in your own strength. You trust other people more. If you just don’t believe in yourself how will you believe in Allah. “

“Actually we are a collection of days that will never be able to return. One day passed, one also went away. Therefore, in order not to pass in vain, do your favor to one another and to your own life. Good is a character that is most loved by Allah. “

“The most powerful weapon to penetrate the sky is the Qur’an, therefore, if you have a big intention, read AlQur’qn and never stop before your wishes come true. While you’re still working hard and diligently with what you are convinced of. “

“Actually, humans are given the power to read the words of Allah that have been written. It’s just that they never understand and always doubt what is inside them. Always doubting Allah if what they want can never be realized. They always do it continuously. “

“Believe that death is the most beautiful gift given by Allah to mankind. It’s just that, for those who have prepared death as well as possible. For those who don’t prepare it. Death was the toughest punishment he could never repeat again. Therefore while there is still a breath to blow prepare death as well as possible. “

“Mate is the secret of Allah, if until now you are still alone then Allah is giving a test for your solitude and providing an opportunity for you to make your parents happy before you happy the person you love later.”

“Don’t ever demean other people even though they really look low on our eyes. In Allah’s eyes? He could be taller than us. Because, actually the position of man is the same. Because, your humility will never be lifted by you demeaning others. “Inspired by Achmad Mustofa Bisri.

“The worst thing in this world is revenge. Because, revenge is the most dangerous demonic nature. Once you cause revenge, then you will continue to sequentially continue until someone realizes that revenge is not good for ourselves and others. Ikhlas is the most appropriate way to finish it. “

“Humility is one of the happiness that humans will get. Do not feel proud of the success that is not planned and, do not feel sad for the failure accompanied by maximum effort. “Inspired by Harun Al Rasyid.

“Love someone you love. But, do not exceed your love for Allah. Because, the people we love are one form of testing from Allah to measure the level of faith that is in ourselves. If faith is high, then love for Allah will be greater because, Allah will bring together, Allah will also separate. “

“At least you’ve struggled even though what you fought for failed. Remember, the prophet had experienced failure during the war. Moreover, you are just an ordinary human who has nothing. Naturally, if in the end failure will accompany you. Stay patient and keep on fighting. Allah is with people who are patient. “

“If, you want to do good, then do a little good, but you do it every day. Because, Allah prefers a little practice but, it is done every day with big and many practices but, it is done only once. So, stay like this forever. “

“When you are at the top you will feel a very strong wind. Just like when you are at the peak of your career, there will be many people who see you and want to drop you, just how you are if you are strong against it because of Allah or must fall because of Allah. Remember, the wind blows not to shake the tree but rather, to test how strong the roots are, “Inspired by Ali Bin Abi Talib.

“If you get the knowledge even if it’s the smallest, share it with others because, science is very valuable. Remember that knowledge wants to be practiced. Apabilam is not practiced so that knowledge will disappear with itself. But, if practiced and taught, it will always be there. “Inspired by Sufyan Ats-Tsauni.

“Never feel that you are useless, and never blame yourself for all the mistakes you might make. Because, Allah has worried all this life. Where, incident one will be related to the other event. So, never blame yourself for an incident that we ourselves do not yet know what is the wisdom behind it all. “

“You may dream but have an elegant dream wherein, that dream you bring in prayer every night, every day, that prayer will connect with Allah and yourself make you know what you have to do, after that you will try this courage that Allah gave and other fluency like a brilliant idea. The first failure makes you study in the next stage until finally, you succeed to become a winner. “

“The key to life is actually in prayer. If you pray diligently five times on time, surely your life will be calm. If you just live calm, it is definitely lacking. Add with prayer at the mosque. Surely everything will be easy with itself. And so on until, you become a heaven expert and a world expert. Try to feel the first 40 days of Allah’s help through prayer. Surely you will never believe. “

“There are many mysteries that Allah has hung on you. Your future community wants to be what it is. You have to believe that Allah has given you the path in accordance with what you pray for. If, you don’t pray then, Allah will take you to the path that Allah has written before. Therefore, it is wrong for yourself if the fate of the letter is not what you want. “

“There are thousands of good in this world that you can do. Do it starting from the smallest. Because, you yourself will never know which goodness can lead you to go to heaven and be free from hellfire. “

“You are a lucky creature who has the right to achieve a decent life than now. never doubt if you have no money or anything that can take you there. You only need Allah and you have to pass the test given by Allah to you. After that, you will say that everything will be beautiful in time. “

“This world is full of theatrics of many bad people and not a few who are good with sincerity. Allah will bring us together with all those people. It’s just that, Allah will only write an event that is good for you, not a bad event as long as you want to get closer to Allah. “

“If you experience something bad then, you have to realize something that the sin you committed might be greater than the good you did. Bad luck in this world does not exist. All the tests that hit you are just a fusion of sin in the world that will be erased if you can deal with it with patience and sincerity of heart, “

 “We all know that Satan is the biggest and heaviest enemy of humanity that must be faced while he lives in the world. Only, they always obey his orders and wait for his invitation. “Inspired by Uthman Bin Affan.

“The enjoyment of one’s life is not to the treasure or throne and also perfect love but, to a sacrifice wrapped in patience. Try to do the hardest thing in the world, then you will feel extraordinary pleasure that can never be expressed in words. Only you and Allah know what it feels like. “Inspired by Uthman Bin Affan.

“There is something that must be faced by humans besides a future, namely death. Everyone will never know when death will come over that we must know is that death is always present and always haunts. So, we must prepare ourselves well for that.

“The world’s treasure will never end if you keep hoarding it for yourself someday you will disappear. Because Allah can do anything to take away all the possessions that you have saved easily. If, you want to add more, you can give it to orphans who really need the money for their needs. Because, the assets you have are also part of their rights. “

“If you call on the name of Allah every day, you don’t change from your life full of testing. So, now Allah is preparing all your dreams or even giving you more than you dreamed of. that’s the fruit of patience that cannot be assessed and calculated with any mathematical formula. “

“Humans only need to understand that they are full of sin so that they continue to apologize to Allah. Remember the Prophet Muhammad always apologized to Allah why we who as humans are definitely full of wrong and sin do not apologize to Allah. Are we arrogant people? Allah hates proud people. “

“When you give what you have to others while what you give is something that you really like then, Allah will replace it with something more. Remember, Allah does not like his people to love something excessively. Because, excessive is never good. “

“This life will be more beautiful and more comfortable if we give love to each other. But compassion does not immediately exist by itself but comes from us who started it. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to start giving sincere affection to others. “Inspired by AA Gym.

“There are things you have to fear more than a punishment that is when you sin alone. Because, at that time you witnessed you were a judge for you too. “Inspired by Caliph Ali.

“If you dare to live, you also have to face problems. Never be afraid and never be afraid. Because, that fear will always punish you and will give you eternal misery. Remember Allah will never give problems to everyone beyond his abilities. “Inspired by AA Gym.

“Actually, Allah has given instructions to each of his people to find out how weak they are and how humiliating they are. It’s just that those who don’t know a small sign from Allah. “Inspired by Ali bin Abi Talib.

“Be someone who can see what your own shortcomings are like. Because, people who have difficulty seeing their own shortcomings, they will also find it difficult to see the strengths of others. “Inspired by Gus Mus.

“In this world, surely you get a test, whether it’s something you don’t want and something you want. Similarly, patience is also divided into two types. Patience with what you want and patience in dealing with what you don’t want. “Inspired by Ali bin Abi Talib.

“Muslims are those who always stand in the right place even though this world is in a state of chaos and chaos.” Inspired by Ahmad Dahlan.

“You can never be anything because you never bring Allah to you. Remember that Allah’s power is greater than human power. If there is a man who can live a noble life without the provisions of Allah as he is, he is undergoing his collapse in the Old Age. Life is nothing easy and nothing is delicious. “

“Live with the Qur’an because, you will be safe both in the world and in the hereafter.”

The beauty of Islam that teaches us many things. If, we realize, from every line and side of Islam it always complements life. Providing cooling hearts that penetrate so that you will never forget it. Many study Islam and are interested in embracing this religion.

Beautiful Islam is not the one who fought without reason or blew himself up because of a demand for jihad. Islam reminds each other and always rebukes. Hopefully a few words about Best Islamic Quotes above can be an inspiration and role model for all of us.

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