123 Best Inspiring Quotes Ever

Best Inspiring Qoutes Just For You – It cannot be denied that this life needs a strong inspiration. Where, this inspiration can come from anyone. anytime and anywhere. Even when a cat jumps from one house to another it is also an inspiration that we can learn more about.

Best Inspiring Quotes
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Life is only once. Too bad, if we don’t enjoy every process of dreams. It might be so painful indeed. But, we always learn from pain to feel happy in the future.

Below, we will read some inspirational words that come from several figures who have already eaten the salt acid of life. Well, don’t have to wait for windfall to collapse, let’s just enjoy hundreds of words of inspiration.

Best Inspiring Quotes Ever

“One characteristic of success is love. Therefore, love your work first and make peace with the ego that is in you. Success achieved from a few things is not a big thing. Take the lesson from what you are doing today. if you can do it with all your heart, then success will come to you through your work. “Inspired by Steve Jobs.

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“Allah gives us a complete body. From every inch it has great potential in itself. If your fatigue has come, it would be nice to see those who are not as lucky as you are, there are shortcomings that they can make an advantage. “

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“The best friend in achieving dreams is fighting spirit tirelessly. Let’s take lessons from the hero. Day and night keep thinking about how to repel the enemy. They know how strong the invaders are and how small they are. But, the unyielding spirit was what made the fighters winners. Because, that spirit is not possessed by invaders. “

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“The greatest power that exists in oneself is a belief. Where, there are some things in this world that are difficult to melt. But, with confidence, even though it takes time, finally what is desired will be realized. Like, an athlete who has to fight an unbeatable world champion. If there is not the slightest confidence in his heart, then the chances are very small to win the match. “

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“Sometimes we always justify any means to achieve a truth. Just as when Friday prayers come, it’s just that the condition of the shop is very crowded. Can we close it and leave all customers to worship? Or are we leaving Friday prayers for the sake of customers? Remember, this world is not just about money. “

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“Life is really confusing, how can money coming out for people in need will return more than we give. Some believe some are not. But, this is how our lives cannot reproduce like a soccer game, all we can do is live it well. “

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“A success starts from failure. Only, for those who can learn from a failure that can achieve success. For example at a soccer match. There are winners who lose. From the defeat a team will learn and provide tricks and strategies for tomorrow’s victory. It’s impossible, people are willing to lose continuously without the slightest victory. “Inspired by Donald Trump, American President and Businessman.

“Never look at profit and loss in a struggle for success. Like runners who practice with their own money. In the end, they suffered a painful defeat. They lost a lot. What should a runner do? If you give up, his dream will disappear instantly. If, he continues to practice again then the chances of winning will be big. “

“Walking in this world must be smart, don’t just follow the flow, but must try to think about the flow. Like someone who is walking with not much money. But, how about the money he has, he can live and get home safely. “

“Look at someone with a heart not through caste or social status. Everyone in this world needs each other. If, we see friends only from caste and social stasus. How come next when we need help. People who have a lot of money may not be willing to help us. Likewise with those who have good social status sometimes there will be many reasons to refuse. “

“Let the past go like that, you don’t need to regret because, from the past we will learn many things. Starting from falling off a bicycle, we can learn to drive motorized vehicles and even cars. Everything starts from the past which is often underestimated. “

“There are some people who feel that riding a mountain is an opium. Why? Because, they can learn when trying with their own hands and feet the results are more satisfying than relying on others or even to both parents. The wheel continues to spin, then we will become parents. Then, after becoming a parent to whom you will depend on yourself temporarily, your parents are gone. “

“Good education does seem cruel. But, that is the reason why someone can be like now. Because, life is very hard and cruel. When you always get soft things you will never be able to lift the hard ones, finally you can’t and then leave. “

“A person who is already workaholic will usually give up his love just like that. However, people who are crazy in love usually give up their money just like that. Money and Love are two charms in a world that is less harmonious. Only certain people can harmonize their relationship for the better. “

“Never feel satisfied with what you have achieved now. But, don’t be too greedy to pursue everything. Because, life has to be balanced by one and everything will fall apart. “

“Your life is only you alone who understands how you have to go, how much you have to chase, where you have to stop and sit down for a moment to look for the next idea. People can only comment on what they see not what they feel. Remember the pain of getting a knife incision can be different. If you are a resilient person, then the incision is just like being bitten by an ant and will heal by itself. But, if you are a spoiled person, the pain will continue. “

“Try your hardest and make yourself a person who is useful to the nation, country and people you love. Not trying to be a successful person. Because, succeeding isn’t necessarily useful. But, the opposite is useful, of course it works. So, stay excited. “Inspired by Albert Einstein.

“If you want to measure how tough you are, then try going up Mount Semeru atu at least sindoro and cleft. If you can get to the top, then you will know how big your strength is. Actually, measuring your own strength is not from how tough you are there but how much you can fight your ego. Remember, all climbers succeed not because they have done it often. But, they know that to be able to get upward requires a strong mentality. “

“There is no job or dream that cannot be done or worked on. Although, it is very difficult and requires a very long time. However, all that will surely be done by itself. It’s just that you are so lazy to start. Maybe, because you already think that work and dreams are difficult. “Inspired by JRR Tolkein.

“One day you will be in the middle of the fog and you cannot see who is in front of you, beside you, behind you, but, you can feel their presence. Remember the heart is the answer to all the darkness that comes through the fog. Maybe, they all can talk and sue you only, we won’t know which way you should listen. “

“When you are at the top of a mountain, there will surely be memories that cross your mind. Not when you can stand him on top and see how beautiful the mountain and beautiful scenery. Rather, when you try to climb and you fall, then, you wake up and do it again and again and again and again and finally get here. “Inspired by Confisius

“Work according to your portion. Don’t give more to your boss or your boss. Remember, when you give your whole soul and body in the end you will only be thrown away like rubbish and replaced with new people who are more loyal than you. Not meant to scare but, that is reality. So, work according to the existing rules, use a little of your strength to prove it not for loyalty. “

“Remember the theatrical stage. When viewed from the reality, it is true that the world is always full of many stories. You put it together and you have to take it off yourself. Therefore, be a good player who always gives the best role in front of other people.

“Learn many things from others because learning is nothing in vain. If you can’t do what you learn, at least you can understand and be able to various others. Sharing is beautiful, moreover sharing useful knowledge will always be remembered until the end of life. “

“The sun will always emerge from every cold morning bringing perfect beauty. Why is dawn called golden sunrise? Because, the best time to pick up your dreams and money is the morning. Therefore, do not be lazy to get up early even though, heavy eyes stay up and start stringing the day. “

“The most effective remedy for dealing with a disease is yourself. If you dare to fight and keep the spirit to survive as hot as any, the disease will still be overcome. It’s just that, fate says something else because Allah also says something else. While you still have time, don’t give up. “

“The stupidest people in the world are those who want to commit suicide. Because, they spend valuable time just to be sad. Remember, death is in Allah’s hands. No matter how much you try to commit suicide but, Allah does not give it to you, you will only torture yourself. “

“The test is along a long rail and like no end. Luckily for those who get a test without stopping. That is a sign that their strength will increase by itself. “

“Talent is formed from your desire to achieve something. Therefore, try to keep quiet and reflect on what you have wanted so far to learn and be what you want not what they want. Remember your happiness that lived it was not them. “

“The problem of life is the best way to find out who we really are, why we are born in this world and for what we have dreams. All of that is in the problems faced. After getting an answer to what happened. “

“Don’t ever think that person is good, because, now many good people are, but good people are actually those who can forgive. Remember, our mistakes can never be seen but, other people’s mistakes can always be seen clearly by the eyes. So, when you make mistakes and they cannot forgive. Do they deserve to be called good people? “

“In mathematical life no one can answer one plus one equal to two. Because, there is a science that teaches if we give a little money when we only hold a little money. Then the money will multiply and we never know why this is so. “

“Never underestimate other people because, not necessarily you can be like that other person. Keep looking down even though you are a winner whose title can never be taken by someone else. Remember, the wheel continues to rotate so, when you are careless and complacent. It could be someone turning it around until you are down. “

“In a match it is not a victory that must be gained but rather, a process that will be undertaken. Because, this life is not just a matter of victory but a matter of how you can take all the lessons in each match. “Inspired by Baron Piere de Courbertin.

“Get on the high mountain. Because, on the way to the top you will get many lessons such as confidence in facing various problems. “

“When they talk about their life experiences, that’s where life lessons can be taken. Remember you can make someone’s life experience the most important lesson so that you don’t have to make mistakes. It’s just that, the theory with that reality is very different. “

“You don’t need to look for anything to be happy. Just smile enough your life will be more colorful. Try it you feel in yourself if you can’t smile you can’t laugh. Will your life feel happy? Try it for you. “

“How to measure good friends or not is actually very easy. Try to succeed first. After, you are above you will know which friend has not changed to you. It is they who you cannot let go. Instead of friends who are only close to you when you’re upstairs. “

“Many people who always wear masks stand in front of you. Trying to tell about the situation of her who is always miserable. Unfortunately, they are only looking for mercy from you. After you fall, the mask will open by itself. We don’t have to open it by hand. “

“The biggest capital in the business world is not money. Even though honestly, money is a part of capital. However, the most important thing is tireless work. Sleep only 3 hours later, wake up and come back again as before and try again. Success will be achieved by itself without having to be forced to reach it. “

“If your dreams are big then your efforts must be big. You will never be able to climb the highest mountain in Java if you try to just walk slowly and be reluctant to walk uphill. “

“Have you ever realized if you want to see the most beautiful waterfall in the world. You have to walk first through a path that has never been easier. That beauty must be hiding behind difficulties. Behind the sweat and tears that continue to flow without stopping. “

“Actually, life is just a fake, including the happiness of the rich and the poor. If, you become a rich man, all your money will be recorded if you use it the best. Until, you have a big chance to go to hell. But, when the poor are weighed they only need a little more time to enter paradise. Which one do you live in? “

“The easiest effort that can be done by humans is to pray without ceasing. Because, praying is difficult where you have to defeat yourself from feeling lazy and the words of Satan that look good. So, keep praying and try little by little to try, then everything will be real. “

“We cannot choose what we have to live in this life. It’s just that we are still given the opportunity by Allah to change what we have to change. Never give up to change it. Making a tempe into a top class dish takes quite a long time so, just enjoy it and never protest with the process. “

“There are many stories that are usually kept by every human being. Before you tell someone else, it would be nice to tell Allah first. Remember Allah will never open the secret of his people except, his own people who open their secrets to others. “

“Sometimes we have to not trust others. Not because we always think badly. Rather, it is a little wary because humans are Allah’s people who have never had a fixed position. Satan is still too strong for them to face. Moreover, if all that is related to property, throne, and caste. Usually they never have friends or friends. So be careful. “

“It all starts from the mind, try to think great to produce a creative and different idea. As an example of online motorcycle taxis where, we never thought that just because of a motorcycle taxi, the owner became a big success. just in a short amount of time. So, thinking of something different in order to get different results must always fight more. ” Inspired by B. C Forbes founder of Forbes magazine

“Time will not stop to run leaving those who are finally exposed to natural selection. Because, who is lulled by time and just keeps quiet by saying tomorrow and later. He will be exposed to natural selection until, finally, there will be no time to start it all. “

“There is nothing wrong with going around Indonesia and getting to know many people. Many friends are indeed better than many enemies. From our friends we will become friends, and from a friend we can work together to get the needed assets. Money is not everything but friendship and friendship are the most important in this world. “

“Falling in love is truly a million, it’s just that we don’t know that love has changed us. It can be better and can be worse. It all depends on which point of view you have to go through. Remember, good will always be difficult to do even if it’s only as big as gravel. However, crime will be easy to do even if it’s only as small as gravel. “

“Nothing can determine your way of life except yourself. Because, you know best what is your dream. Where will your next destination stop. Who will your heart be with you. And how, you brought your family in this world. “

“Life is actually for two phases. The first phase is during infancy to adulthood, where, success will always be measured by money, how rich you are, where you are now, and who you will marry. Then, the second phase is after settling down. Where, success is measured by money, how much is your car, how much is your money, so what is your child like. Remember that successful people are those who can build one phase into perfection. “

“Nothing can defeat men, even opium cannot overthrow men to achieve something. But, when he is confronted with women, all his strength will collapse instantly. For men women are everything that can make it better or worse than this. “

“A happy family doesn’t need to be in a fancy place. Happy families are those who miss each other wherever they are. When in the office the father will call the mother and child who have gathered in the afternoon. When a child is going to school camping, he will call mom and dad when there is free time. That is true happiness, “

“This cycle is like a wheel. Now that we are children, someday we will become parents. Vice versa. Therefore, study well before the cycle changes. Because not everything you do by your parents you like. At least, you can be the best for your child later. “

“Jealousy is a natural thing in a relationship. Although, the couple was silent and did not mind it, the hatred of jealous fire remained. Therefore, be careful. Because, the main cause of a rift is from a jealousy. “

“Childhood will never happen twice. If you want your parents to be noticed by your child then, when they are still a child, pay close attention. Remember, as you get older then parents will turn into children again. When that happens, what you do to your child will be avenged. “

“When you were young, you actually had plenty of time to try some fun and scary things. Try and take the lesson. Because, when old age takes place you will never be able to give anything to your child. “

“Money is not the best inheritance that parents can give to their children. Rather, high spirits, confidence and not wanting to give up are the best inheritance for him. When one of you leaves. Children will replace your position. And he will bring everything you teach it to his life later. “

“The most powerful weapon to kill your child’s future in excessive love. When you limit all his space to actual expression, you are bringing him into a gaping chasm. Until it’s time, he will freeze into the abyss because of your excessive love. So, be careful with that taste. “

“Basically, we are all born as winners. It’s just that there are different paths that are won by each winner. As the way in which Valentino Rossi did was a different path with the victory achieved by Marq Marquez. Motorbikes and settings and the most important are mental to win. “

“There was an incident where a well-known badminton player with a title was lined up except that when the game suddenly he lost to a new player. And the incident continued until the next tournament. Mental strength is indeed a benchmark for every person in determining the way. Strengthen faith and get closer to Allah. So, mentally it will form more than steel. “

“Many people are not good at reading a life situation. Because, when he gave up at that time, we succeeded to come to him. Unfortunately, he has given up so much, the success of your personnel is getting away from him. “Inspired by Thomas Alfa Edison.

“There are many things that can affect your success but, among them, there are only two things that are the main keys to achieving that success. stay like a rock and remain faithful to face all obstacles that are in front of your eyes. Try to do it even though it’s very difficult to explain the taste. “Inspired by Henry David Thoreau

“Sometimes many people never prepare themselves, but suddenly the opportunity comes by itself. There are also those who prepare themselves in such a way but, there is no chance to come to him. Life is really confusing, it’s just that you better prepare yourself than not at all. “Inspired by Whitney Young JR

“There are a lot of things that we have recorded and we have arranged with various types of planning. It’s just that there is a plan that cannot be fulfilled not because, we cannot or fail in learning. Rather, it is like that life is always different from what we want. You just need to be grateful and keep trying. Because, gratitude is what makes you able to reach it. “Inspired by Werren Buffet, Investor.

“Coffee is delicious to enjoy, an opium that will never be avoided. Coffee is just bitter, coffee can be a remedy for all anxiety and provides inspiration for all its lovers. That’s how life is lived. “

“Sometimes fear will bring you in a state of waiting for an opportunity that you hope will come naturally. Or circumstances that can benefit you. Unfortunately, such a situation will never come and will never come to believe. “Inspired by Janet Erskine Stuart.

“Everyone has the right to be happy. Not only are they rich, or are they just officials, but everyone has the right to achieve it. It’s just that, happiness cannot be achieved instantly, it must be a very hard struggle. “

“The bad past is not a problem. It’s just that, a big problem occurs if our future is also bad. Remember, we cannot do anything in the past. But, at least we can still try to do something in the future so as not to be a reflection of the past. “Inspired by Ashleigh Briliant.

“The smallest thing about the science of social media is the connection of two far-flung human beings closer together. From here we can learn if what is needed to achieve success is only a friendship not a lot of money for bribery or hope from our parents. “

“Let tomorrow be tomorrow which is still a shared secret. Never worry about something uncertain. Remember, a mountain that looks like a pointed tip when it gets there will be flat. “Inspired by Phi Delta Kappan.

“Time will continue and time will also introduce a change. Like the manual age became a digital age. Remember the success of people can disappear instantly, except they are friends with these changes and try to bring about that change. “

“How is your problem for sure you can handle it easily. The best way is to change the mindset that has been holding you. Make the big problem an easy problem for you. And, make an easy problem seem quite difficult. Both will train your confidence. “Inspired by Blatasar Gracian.

“Actually the problem came from Allah. So, when you are in a serious problem one thing you have to do is go to Allah. Entrust all your problems to Allah and let Allah solve them because of your patient and always trusting attitude. “

“Everywhere, anytime and from anyone you will get knowledge that is useful and discarding knowledge that you think is not useful. Remember science can come from other people and from yourself. So, it’s a little sensitive when getting a problem can be in it a very valuable science. “

“In a journey you will get to know new places, new friends and new life. Learn from everything. After that, come back from overseas. Because, moving around is actually never going to be good. Except, you keep running to avoid a problem that comes and keeps bothering you. “

“Death comes suddenly, other people don’t know but, we certainly know it. Before the death comes, you should have completed your mission through all your dreams. Successful people are those who die but, not leave a single dream. because, everything has changed into a reality. “

“In this life the most beautiful thing is to see people we love happy. However, there are many futile sacrifices because we ourselves are not happy. We force the will that we should be able to change. Remember, everyone who is destined to be together will surely be together even though he will become a second or third life partner after the first one leaves. “

“Never torture yourself by confining yourself to a world that you have known for a long time. The pain of betrayal is difficult to treat. But, it will be even more difficult if you waste your life just for the sake of revenge from the pain. Rise up and change your bleak destiny to become more colorful. “

“In this world it’s never too late. Everything is still possible while there is still time to be pursued. It’s too late for those who don’t have enough courage to start everything he has written so far. like, when he is in front of his eyes to say love, unfortunately he can’t do it. “

“Doing good is an obligation that is always taught by religion. But, for those who are still ashamed and hesitant in doing this kindness. So, it can be guaranteed that it will not meet with progress even if it is only a step, “inspired by Ir. Soekarno, First President of the Republic of Indonesia. “

“A great person is he who is able to change the pain of his heart into a power to achieve a dream that was delayed due to obstructed love affairs. He will think far ahead, think about tomorrow and not think about how today and the hurt he always feels deep in his heart. “

“Actually, everyone always has jealousy and envy for the success of others. It’s just that, envy and envy is not visible. There is something that turns into a positive energy that is very difficult to do even by national leaders. There are also those that remain negative energy. This life is really just a matter of envy and envy. “

“Everyone must have a dream and a destination they want to go to. Go there, look at the world that is always only in your imagination. Remember this life is only one time, never waste it for something that is useless. “Inspired by Scott Adam.

“Have you ever thought about how you will live your old age later. If, not then immediately think. Remember, the more difficult all the days while you can still prepare everything you have to prepare. You can’t hope there will be a windfall ready to come to you. “

“Walking in this world doesn’t need a lot of money. Just need more faith in Allah. Because, there is a theory that explains if there is a force that can never be explained through common sense and the science of the success of one’s power is the power of faith. “

“Achieving something can never be easy. Moreover, maintaining a position that is already on top will definitely be very difficult. Because, there will be many people out there who are always eyeing your current position. You don’t need a lot of guards, all you need is Allah. Get close to Allah, then everything you have will always be close to you. “

“Loving people is nothing wrong. It’s just that he changes but, we never know that change. Finding a good mate is not as easy as finding a lover. However, one thing that must be remembered from within is that the match is in accordance with the reflection of ourselves. “

“Learn to always look down even though you have the upper hand. Remember simplicity will be harder to break than those who are always arrogant amidst intense competition. “

“Every life that is lived will definitely experience a difficulty. There are two ways you can overcome this difficulty. First change the difficulty to what you want to overcome. Or change yourself and your way of thinking so that you can overcome these difficulties very easily. “Inspired by Phyllis Bhotome.

“Don’t all of you look from the corner of the wounded. But, look at it from a different angle. Allah will not run a story without a lesson in it. “

Finally Ihategreenjello arrived at the end of the Inspiring Quotes. Where, all the inspiration has been shared. Now just come back to yourself. Do you want to use or not. Something is right or not. Until you meet in the next inspiration.


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