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103 Funny Quotes to Make You Laugh and Smile

103 Funny Quotes – We really never know how this life works. Everything is still a mystery. Even when we wake up, we still wonder what will happen today? Life’s puzzles Allah only knows. As human beings, we can only guess it.

Funny Quotes
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There are times when we will laugh and tone when we will act seriously in facing a problem. All depends on us who undergo it. What is thought and done in accordance with thinking. The more positive then, what we will do will be more positive too.

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Likewise, vice versa, if you get negative, you will also do negative. Life does not have to be lived with seriousness. However, we are also advised to treat it with jokes. Below, is a Funny Quotes that might seem funny but can motivate you more.

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Funny Quotes to Make You Laugh and Smile

“The best example in life is parents. Many experiences that we can learn from them. Remember, parents never learn through Google or other internet sites. They learn through what happened then. “Quoted from the coverage site

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“Don’t be afraid of being laughed at by other people. Because, that ridicule is the most effective driving pill so you can get up and prove to them. If, you feel that hurt is treated then, laugh at them as they laugh at you. Because, life is that easy. “

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“If you consider all of your lazy people to be sick, then you have to study hard for orphans. Since their childhood they were abandoned by their parents but, they still could smile. As we know parents are the souls of someone where we can complain and ask for help. “

“Do you want to do business and change the fate of yourself? The method is very easy, just using someone else’s money you can do business smoothly. It’s not easy, moreover, if they already believe in you, everything will be very easy. “Inspired by Alexander Dumas The Younger

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“Play Flying Fox above 30 meters high. The next requirement is that if the rope falls you will freeze into a cliff that doesn’t know where to go. Are you afraid or still dare to play it? Success is not just a matter of matter. But a great mentality like steel will talk a lot. Like, flying fox game above. Only people with strong mentality can do it. “

“The best way to get big capital is debt, if only 100 thousand, you are dizzy paying for it. But, if it can be 1 billion, the bank that will be dizzy will disburse it. Unfortunately, if you owe Allah, time will be dizzy because you have to wait for the right moment without having to endure anything. “Inspired by John Paul Gretty.

“Human error is eating instant food. Because, that intake makes them always like instant things. The example is debt. They don’t care about the effect behind the instant. In fact, being patient and continuing to ask Allah is the best way. It’s just that, we always think that patience is always a limit.”

“When it runs very fast, your biggest mistake is not preparing for a place of death. Because, if you have prepared it from now on, you will never be disappointed that you will fail to materialize. But you will be proud if your efforts will never be in vain. “

“If you want to fame better you steals. Because, when you steer you will get everything, how much is it better to steer the idea. Then, do it according to your wishes. Stealing ideas and perfecting you won’t be in jail. Except, you don’t know how to perfect the idea. “Inspired by TS Elliot.

“Life is not just about thinking, how to get there. How come the traffic hours. What if it’s a flat tire. And, what if you come softest. Because, this life must be full of careful planning. “

“Still alone and haven’t found a mate? Try to look at the glass, do you deserve it? If not, try using glasses, hats, good clothes and maybe strong faith, matchmaking will come according to your attitude. Maybe, he’s already in sight, it’s just that you are picky. Or, you who still don’t deserve it, all these confusing answers are only you who can answer them. “

“Many people who claim to be in the wrong soul. More precisely, he who does not want to acknowledge his own existence. Remember, Allah never gave the wrong fate. It’s just that we are too excessive to change it according to our wishes. “

“Rules were created to be broken. Therefore, never follow the rules so that you become a famous person. Basically, following a rule is a sign that he is a good person and is on a straight path, a path that is favored by Allah rather than a demon. “

“When you feel a deep hurt because of the ex. You don’t need to cry, you just have to make a story about the man who said he was dead. Because, only people who have died can make faithful people cry to helplessness. “

“A mate is like a discount item in a supermarket. He will always be pursued and who is fast he will get. So, chase it Your soul mate because, at this moment, you are waiting. “

“When you step out of the house you have to memorize so many theories that you have learned in seoklah so you can succeed. But, of the many theories you have to memorize by heart. There is one theory that you shouldn’t leave behind. Where, all you need is prayer and effort. Prayers with high confidence and trust if what we try will succeed. That’s enough. “

“There are times when you will fall and stumble and you cry crying tears like a child. But, there are times when you will laugh happily, smile proudly about what you have achieved so far. Remember, all these processes must be enjoyed properly. Don’t feel capable because pride is the most powerful weapon to destroy you. “

“This country is increasingly eliminating its culture. They continue to promote cultures such as dances, culinary, and traditional ceremonies that will never fade. In fact, the culture in this country is corruption and can only be commented on. Unfortunately, this culture is very expensive but, not reported to others. “Inspired by Sujiwo Tejo.

“Humans are the wrong place and sin. Therefore, be careful if you walk from here to there, how many steps are wrong and what sin you will commit. Uniquely, Allah is merciful and forgiving so that sin and wrong can be transformed into a valuable learning miracle. “

“Actually what is the work of a husband and wife. Why do they have to be together, and why are they made a mate that only leaves with a death. Stuck a husband must be able to work giving money to his wife. And why should the wife be able to cook delicious food for her husband. Life is indeed full of various kinds of questions that are difficult to explain. “Inspired by Novel Author Pidi Baiq.

“Don’t ever say that your lover is handsome and beautiful before you see her when you wake up. Remember, natural beauty and good looks will come from them if they don’t use anything. And getting up in the morning is the right time to see it. Try to see and what you think. “Inspired by Raditya Dika Comedian.

“Famous is the best way to go through a big test, because, when your name is always glorified, you usually have a big head. Remember, the thing that most prophets keep away from is a compliment from people. In fact, the prophet will release him with stones if anyone always praises him,”

“Never be proud of yourself if you are a rich person. Because, the rich become the last person to enter heaven. Many questions, many things will be demonstrated why the rich people become very difficult. How, still want to be rich or want to be enough. “

“Sometimes people who have no thoughts are the greatest people. They miss a planning process. It’s just that, in this world, plans are always not in accordance with reality. There is no need to think about it that just needs to be lived. well.”

“Never fall in love because it makes you a fool. Willing to sacrifice anything with all my soul. But, not always stupid is bad. Because, when you know falling in love, your ignorance will lead you to success. Try it if you don’t believe it. “

“If I meet with President Soekarno then, I will be the 10 young men he needs to change the world. Because, I’m sure this madness will become a reality if we believe and try to move from now on. If you just keep quiet and listen to the words, until this world collapses you set it will never be anything. “

“Do not become scrap metal that is not usable and is not sold for sale. Take care of yourself with high knowledge so that you like gold that gets older the price will be even higher. “

“Matrealistis is not an ugliness because, this trait is a condition. If you have a rich lover, you can save money and be economical at a cost. If you have a mate, a rich person is grateful to be able to raise the status and dignity of the family. It’s just that, the error of these traits is only those who miss it and are not grateful, but rather take advantage of the situation. Until, finally love to play is not using heart but logic. “

“There is one reason why someone’s greed relationship is broken and even destroyed. The reason is debt and love. Both of them have become powerful weapons to divide the situation full of peace into a fight that will not end. Only those who are true friends can surpass the test that no one in the world can pass over. Therefore, be careful. “

“Allah will test your beliefs by taking some of your money and giving it to a thief. If, you don’t want your money to just disappear, then give it to the needy. Life is indeed confusing, the more it gives, without you knowing you will get many things. “

“Playing politics is very expensive. But, you can learn a lot from them. Where, they are too easy to spend a lot of money until they lose. Proven not if money does not guarantee real success. “Inspired by Will Rogers.

“Try to count your shirt buttons yourself. Who knows your choice is correct. If, wrong means you lack trust. Life choices really only need to believe about what we will choose is not a doubt. “

“A lot of things will bother you including hunger that is really torturous, but it’s another story if you are full. That too, you will still be bothered with a lot of food. That’s how life is, there will be a lot of tests and challenges present before our eyes without ever seeing who he is. “

“The beach is beautiful, even when you dive under it it will look like heaven. However, when one garbage is thrown and it looks like everything will look dirty. That is life, it will look dirty and bad even if only one mistake is made. It’s really cruel to be faced with a reality. “

“A winner is not he who always wins every time and every time. But, he can be patient when he loses and be patient to wait for the next title. Until finally, he was still eager to win. “

 “Be an employee for life so you can feel how unpleasant it is being governed by a boss. After that, you will think about how to find freedom. Because, this life will feel more enjoyable if you can breathe free air and develop successfully. “

“Try to make mistakes as much as possible many times. Because, from these mistakes we can learn many things. The success starts from the trial and error that has been achieved. “

“Don’t be like parents who are afraid to walk forward. While you still have age, keep trying to fail. If, your failure is over then you can enjoy your success without stopping. “

“Time continues to rotate without wanting to understand, therefore, wake up or go down and continue to dream of arranging all that you will achieve. Until later your time will run out because you’re still afraid to wake up and start it.

“Life is like a building. If you don’t start laying the first stone, your house will never be able to stand up. If, you are wrong in working on it he will still stand up even though it looks rather bad. However, it can still be occupied and seen. So, be a tough person, even though you can’t be good at least you have tried to be better every day.”

“Angry is an easy matter it’s just that, you must be able to distinguish anger from who and what is it that sometimes people find it difficult to distinguish. Remember, anger is not good even though there are some good things. Being angry can destroy everything that you have compiled and put together so, be careful with that anger. “

“Learn from antique collectors. Older, they will fall in love. Likewise with their wives. Where, the older the love will grow. “Inspired by Agatha Cristie.

“Be a smart person who can take advantage of everything, one of which is if you have an enemy. So, apologize first, do not get into a fight because peace love is the most beautiful thing. Then, invite to play together in the most beautiful place to finish him. “Inspired by Mark Twain.

“Poor are those who never know how to be smart. Maybe, you can’t add income every day. It’s just that you can still reduce your expenses every month. The result will be the same as the salary that rises every day. That is why the poor in Indonesia are increasing. “

“If you still blame the government about work you can say you have no experience about work. Remember, Allah always teaches you to work with your own hands and feet. Because the results will not betray the business. So, when you still depend maybe, you’re still studying religion. “

“Success is someone who has never been overrun by other people but he always tells others to do what he wants. Draining the energy of people to get personal wealth is proof that all this time your efforts have been successful. Remember successful people are those who don’t graduate but can hire those who study to take a high degree. “

“Sometimes many say if the family is the place but, what if they don’t have a family then, where is the place to go home? Remember, a friend is the second family given by Allah when you have no place to go home. Because, you can use your home address to accommodate your friends. So, don’t doubt Allah is always there for you if you are also there for Allah. “

“Money is the greatest god in the world. Everyone worshiped in various ways. Whatever, it will be done to get a money. Unfortunately, money can’t save you under any circumstances. Including when you’re going to get into the abyss “

“Fear is the best friend who always gives you the choice not to do something that might hurt you. Unfortunately, your best friend loves you so much that he forgets if you are afraid you are the enemy you must fight. Afraid to make all your dreams break up by themselves. “

“There are many things we can do in the world. In fact, you can do things that you can’t do. If you don’t believe it, try to do it because, trying is the best ammunition for humans for the lively success that they have always dreamed of. “

“Don’t be sad if you lose the chance. Remember that opportunity is not to be sought but the opportunity that we make it ourselves. Just like we made a mistake because we cut ties with him.”

“Before you get happiness about love, you have to feel what it feels like to be hurt by love. Remember, happiness needs sacrifice when you know the pain, you will definitely keep the love that you have got next. If you still feel pain, you have not studied well and have to repeat. “

“Try walking straight ahead without looking right, left, down or up. At a certain step you will surely fall by itself. That is the pride that is in humans, they think they can continue to walk straight without having to care about the environment. Finally, he will fall on his own. “

“Many people are looking for money, then, they justify any means to get it. Then, from that money, many of them are willing to sacrifice themselves both self-esteem and heart. Unfortunately they have been hypnotized and forget that in this vicious age there are other ways we can do besides money, “Inspired by D. H. Lawrence

“Gathering with friends is very pleasant. Unfortunately, we can only gather in cyberspace. In the real world they are like a statue sitting and enjoying a drink. Really, the more days people love their cellphones more than their hearts, “

“You need to cry either by slicing onions or asking your friends to beat you until you tear. With these tears, you will feel what happiness you will never think. “

“When you keep running around the soccer field for 50 times a day, you will keep remembering it. When you get the results of the run you will remember it as something very beautiful and pleasant. So, don’t ever doubt yourself to do it. “

“Try to be quiet for an hour or two, and you imagine you eat a delicious meal with a beautiful waiter who is ready to give anything for you. Once satisfied, try to wake up, what happens? It’s the same, no, nothing special, all of that is just a dream and it can’t be true if it continues. “

“Don’t feel resentful with other people. Extend your hand to those who have hurt you. Even though, you don’t want to see it. However, you still have to help him with all your might. Because, we will never know who will extend his hand for us later on. Can be people we hate so far or people we don’t know all this time.

“Wake up every night and try to pray to Allah. Because, at night you will only meet your Allah directly, all humans, birds, plants and angels are still fast asleep with their dreams. “

“There is no need to bring a cheat sheet when it comes to Allah. Because, before you make the cheat sheet. Allah already knows what you are asking for. It’s just that, Allah will always give you what you need from your cheat sheet. Not what you asked for from your cheat sheet. “

“Actually, what you need to fear is not Pocong or Kuntilanak but rather, the king between Pocong and Kutilanak which is on the right and left side. Tell where you have to go to nereka. Not only hell but, to destruction in your life. So, be careful because garlic can’t kill it. “

“Try to follow those who laugh at yourself because you succeed with something new. Remember, basically human nature is a feeling of mutual distrust, jealousy and envy, so, you need lots of proposals and guards, so that what you create is accepted by everyone. “

“Leaders are not seen from rank, degree, and position but rather, judging by how wise they are and how smart they are in making a big decision. Remember, Abu Bakar Ash Shidiq is not a scholar but, made a leader because of his honesty. “Inspired by Mrs. Megawati, 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia

“For some people life is difficult for me, life is too easy as people walk into a city shopping and enjoying all the high-end facilities. When chickens berkokk, that’s when we wake up to make it happen. Because, ordinary reality starts with a dream at bedtime. “

“Learn to overcome your own problems. Never run to the beach or go to a shaman because, they don’t know how big your problem is and how complicated it is to overcome it. The instant way is not completely effective. “

“Don’t ever depend on other people because it hurts so much. Remember, money doesn’t come from a rich person or even a boss. But, money comes from Allah who can take it anytime and anywhere without having to give prior approval. “

“Your friend has a psychiatric disorder, usually later you will follow him. Humans grow not only from how their families but rather how their environment. So, it’s better to look for a good environment than to play gambling in a bad environment. “Inspired by Ann Landers.

“The most effective way to achieve success is in hypnosis. Then, ask that when you are hypnotized you study diligently without giving up tirelessly even so you can reach your dreams.”

“In this world it’s easy to do bad things rather than doing good things. Therefore, do bad things for good. Even though it’s difficult and will never be possible.”

“Many people who claim to have brains are unfortunately never used at all. They are reluctant to think. In fact, they can do something more than their minds and change the world. Positive thinking is the right way to deal with a harsh life including when breaking up. “Inspired by Zsa-Zsa Gabor

“Wake up in the morning because, when noon the chicken will peg your money dear it feels just thrown away. Remember, a person’s greatest strength, including during bedtime, is the morning. So, don’t waste your morning just to dream and dream. You need to wake up and prove it. “

“Just break the glass to make it noisy after that, you will be told to pay anti-loss for what you have done. Remember, emotions are not the best way to deal with a problem but rather, the worst way to make matters worse. So, hold on to emotions so that you can be better than this. “

“Turn off the lights and let your whole house dark from the darkness, we can learn that Allah can make your life colorful. Remember, electricity, lights, and others are small favors from Allah found by people chosen by Allah. “

“Why do you have to do homework from the teacher if you can’t take lessons from the homework? Remember, the teacher wants you to learn gradually and slowly. Because, everything that is done in stages usually gets more mature success than what was done hastily. “

“Don’t be mistaken if you treat a foolish act badly. The proof is, if you don’t try to do something stupid, you will never experience big things in yourself. Even though, it’s only as small as a pebble in the garden. “Inspired by Dr. Gregory House.

“Decorate yourself with a variety of gold from the toe to the head. Or maybe your whole body is covered with super expensive gold. Unfortunately, that gold will not be able to release you from the torture of life that you actually know. Except, you can smear all your body with faith and a pure heart to Allah. “

“You need a banana so you can fall and feel how it feels. It is from falling that you will stand back and be careful until you can walk well to realize your dreams. “

“If Mr. Soekarno said, you must dream as high as the sky, because if you fall you will still fall in the clouds. But, if I say before you dream as high as the sky, you need stairs that reach the sky. So that you can realize what you want, Pak Soekarno. “

“Death is the most beautiful thing Allah gives to his people. Because, with kematia someone does not have to feel again how sick, how to fear because of the disease. Therefore, before you die, it would be good if you could realize your dream even if it was only one. “

“Waste of money may depend on where you are going to throw it away, what you can’t do is when you throw money at a bad thing. Remember, money is one of the problems that will occur later, money will also determine whether you deserve to enter heaven or hell. While still alive and holding the money for good. “

“Try you make a toy from wood, where you have to find the wood with full struggle. To the extent that you have to get hurt to get it. One time the toy was made then, there was a deliberate break. What will you feel? Angry or just quiet and crying? Remember the thing that can make us all hurt is not a betrayal but rather, a struggle that is not appreciated at all. “

“Believe in life is actually easy like a math problem. It’s just that, when you do it you have to understand physics so that, all of this looks very complicated. So, if you want to pass the life test, study physics. “

“Nothing is free except a candy given because there is no small money. That’s how life can change whenever they want to, everything returns to you. “

“Who do you think women and men are stronger? If you answer a man the answer is wrong. Men are like paper. With water it will be alkaline and torn. If left alone, he will be dusty and torn, if with scissors he will tear. Different from women who are like corals. Even with wind and water he still doesn’t move. “

“Life is only temporary, one day it will definitely be destroyed because of the fate that has written down the destruction. Therefore, don’t forget to drink, eat and rest because going to destruction also requires super extreme guarding. “

“Since the days of human ancestors created as social beings where they will depend on each other. By that mutual hand in hand and mutual success is the best way than you have to be split and penus with torturing competition. “

“The luckiest person is a patient person, he will continue to smile and not do anything. He believes that what someone else has done to him will get a worthy reply. Remember, a gold coming from a sand takes days to get its luster. So, if you want to sparkle like gold then be patient. “

“You are the determinant of fate and your own destiny is not your parents or your lover. Remember, destiny can be changed. You just need to move and keep moving without ever stopping the land that destiny will change according to what you want. It’s easy, isn’t it? “

“Sometimes we have to think smart to be able to make your life more meaningful. This world cannot be arranged according to what we want. Therefore, never give up to make it as we want. The method is very easy, just stand up and start it already. “

“For some people, one hundred rupiah means nothing. If so, try to just throw the money into the street, there will be people who pick it up, that’s a sign of a hundred rupiahs is valuable money that we should not underestimate. Maybe for you it is small money. But, for them it is big money. “

“Many theories say that all the big ones start small, so save your coins first, then we see a few years later, can you turn them into big enough money as they say.”

“Men cry? How hard he was because he had to cry. but, surely everyone will never be able to endure being left behind by their loved ones forever. Remember, crying is not a sign that he is weak, but he needs tears to strengthen himself again from the fragility that has plagued him.”

“Save your first salary in a beautiful frame. When you have the umpteenth salary, you will understand if the first salary always gets a special place. Not because of the money but the memories that appear in it. Really, those memories are very expensive.”

“The most difficult thing in the world is giving up money, especially if there are thousands of rupiah. It’s just that, when you lose something useful for all, you will get a change that is also useful for you. Believe if Allah never makes what you have eliminated for others it becomes futile”

“If you have a boyfriend, then tell him to go with someone else, feel how it feels to be broken and then, you won’t waste it anymore.”

“Man’s greatest test is love. Because, love can turn it into a vicious monster or also turn it into a gentle angel full of affection. Therefore, be careful if the love virus is beginning to run rampant and ensnare throughout your body.”

“Free is really fun, everyone wants what he buys does not have to pay. Unfortunately, there is only one free coupon. For the second and so on, you have to pay dearly. So, use the best free coupons.” Inspired by Coco Chanel

How about Funny Quotes  who ihategreenjello write? its fun?. how it is, quite funny not with what we have seen above. Impressed like a joke indeed. But, isn’t life one part of it a joke? Rise up and smile because, life is not as serious as most human beings think.

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