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180 Best Friendship Quotes Ever

Best Friendship Quotes Ever – Life is indeed unique and sometimes the opposite. Many friends become friends and eventually become the most understanding brothers. Meanwhile, siblings who always meet cannot be like that. This fact makes us always feel that friends are more than everything.

Friendship Quotes

Friendships come in all sorts of forms: serious ones, like the college friend you discuss politics with, silly ones, chill ones like your wine and Movies buddy. Some friendships even turn into something more.

This is why we spend so much time cultivating these relationships and learning how to be a good friend. This is why we show up after breakups, at graduations, at weddings, and at funerals. This is why, near or far, our friends hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Below are a few words that you can use to express your friendship relationships that have long been established. Remember, friends are the second lover after the soul mate who will always be there when they come sad and come like.

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Friendship Quotes

“Try to open yourself and go exploring to places that you haven’t explored, there you will find new friends and new worlds. Because, a friend is present among new and unfamiliar faces. Therefore, never close yourself in each of your trips. “Inspired by Maya Angelou.

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“The most valuable price in a friendship relationship is mutual trust, mutual love, and never going anywhere even though, the worst thing will happen.”

“Friends are soulmates who will not be seen but, will always be there at all times and circumstances. Never seen when happy or sad. That feeling will never change one bit. “

“Before you found a lot of friendship. Find out a lot of friendship first. Because, friends are friends who understand you better. “

“There is no other way than to depend on your best friend. Because, he is your soul in someone else’s body. “Inspired by Confucius.

“Failure is normal. Breaking up is a natural thing. But, if the breakdown of friendship is a big disaster. “

“Friends are brothers who are not written on a paper. But, it is always in the heart. “

“Life needs to be balanced, it can’t be biased. Friendship will make our lives balanced. “

“Friends are those who will reach out to you, give your chest to cry, and give you a smile.”

“The biggest difference between friends and relatives is in his forgiveness. You sometimes can’t give it. Unlike friends who will always open their hearts. “

“It’s more embarrassing if you never trust your own friend than you were cheated by someone else.”

“Friends are those who will never go anywhere and will always be on the side. Feel what we feel. “

“The rules in a friendship are mutual trust, complementarity, will not force each other and also win alone. All merged into the bonds of friendship. “

“He who is always there for you will always love and complete, give advice to each other, protect each other, and love one another.”

“Friends are those who will never leave and always reach out to you at all times and at all times.”

“When you are at height you will see the dawn dawning. Where, the Dawn will illuminate anyone who sees the charm. Like a friendship that doesn’t know anything and anyone. Everyone, can enter the circle. “

“Maybe, now you have many friends. It’s just that you don’t necessarily have many good friends. Because, being a friend is an easy job. But, being a friendship is a fruit that has long been fruitful. “Inspired by Aristotle.

“Take care of your best friend until the end of your life. Because, he will pull you from hell and take you to heaven. “

“True friends are those who will always make you smile and always be there to protect you. Your slap is without doubt when you make a mistake, and shed tears when you cry. “

“A lover makes your life look like you see the dawn. But, with friends your life will be more colorful than this. “

“Before you know love you will get to know friendship first. Therefore, when that love has gone, don’t break your friendship relationship either. “

“Parents are the best friends who will never stop to provide a place so that we can feel comfortable and safe.”

“One day we will become friends for our children, therefore, learn to be a good friend of parents.”

“Friends may not have abundant assets. However, the relationship of friendship is sincerity about love that will never fade by time. “

“Farewell will make you understand that friendship among you is very meaningful. Because, togetherness is the most beautiful color that will decorate your life every time and every step. “

“There is nothing really scary if you still have friends or also your best friends. Because, they will help you with no strings attached. That is the meaning of true friendship. “Inspired by Bill Waterson.

“In we do have to choose as well as a book that we have to choose according to our needs. Like friends, we must choose because, not all friends are kind and sincere. “Inspired by C.J Langenhoven.

“Getting to know friends doesn’t need to wear a mask. But, be yourself with the madness that you always offer. Because, friends will always laugh and cry together. “

“Friendship is like falling in love. Always fun for a variety, making life hopeful. But, when the love is broken, the eternal darkness will be created by itself. “

“A good friend will always invite you in kindness even though he himself always does bad things. But, they don’t want us to do the same thing and feel the same pain. “

“Lasting friendship does not need to chat every day always together every time. But, eternal friendship will always dwell in the heart and will never be replaced, “Inspired By Auliq Ice.

“One day you will know if your best friend will never leave you. Even though he never met you but, he will always be present in every prayer that is always offered. “

“The best lesson in life is friendship. Where, the relationship does not look at anything. Just walk away, and always do it without ever having any strings attached. “

“Missing friends is usually greater than longing for a sweetheart.”

“The first step you can do in this world is to find friends and friends. Because, friends who will show your steps forward that will never be easy. “

“Friendship is not a matter of how much money you will spend on your friends but how much solidarity will be shown to your friends.” Inspired by @asocial.medias

“Do you know what the worst and most terrible thing in the world is? Not having no property or throne but not even friends or friends. “Inspired by Sarah dense.

“Friends will help you achieve the assets you need. Therefore, don’t multiply the assets but, multiply your friends. “

“Sometimes we need a place to rest. Maybe parents, but, he was busy with the problem that was difficult to make money. Maybe, our brothers but, they are already present with all the problems of love that are never over. The right place is a friend. Maybe they have a lot of problems. However, it will never empty space as your place of leaning. “Inspired by the lyrics of the song Major Lazer and DJ Snake from the song title Lean On

“In addition to love, friendship is one way to unite this world.” Inspired by Woodrow T. Wilson.

“A friendship will always be calming and will always reconcile a broken heart.”

“True love is not just a couple but a friendship that has one another.”

“It all started with an ordinary friendship. Then, being a friendship that is not special becomes, special because they themselves make it. “

“Sometimes you will be affected by friends and friends around you. Therefore, be friends with people who are better than you. Choose friends, who have personalities better than you. So, you will do the same thing with them. Likewise vice versa, if you are friends with friends who are worse then you will do bad things too. “Inspired by Warren Buffet.

“Friendship will always give an apology to those who are in dispute, those who always have a big fight.”

“Togetherness between two friends is very beautiful. Looks like two brothers who will complement each other. “

“If you come in a big problem. a friend will never run away and always be with you, holding your hand, facing together, even though he knows that what is being faced is a life-threatening danger. “

“Happy are those who can laugh together with friends, those who act crazy with friends. It has nothing to do with girlfriends. “

“Friendship is those who complement each other. They will never fight and succumb to one another. Because, they know happiness is the most important thing among them. “

“The biggest test of friendship is falling in love. Where, affection for lovers will be greater and relieve it. It’s just that true friends will never fade in the slightest. “

“A friend is those we always believe in the biggest secrets between them. Never spill it on everyone. Even for money. “

“When you meet a friend you haven’t met for a long time but, he still recognizes you with the same feeling, so they are true friends who will never go and die.”

“Sometimes, we only need a friend to entertain ourselves from the turmoil that exists. Therefore, the only way to have a friend is to become a friend himself. “Inspired by Ralph Wardo Emerson.

“In your absence and deterioration there are two people who are ready to raise you from adversity. First is your parents, and the second is your best friend who will always smile for you. “

“Real happiness is not coupled with a boyfriend. But, walking together with a friend.”

“True friends are those who will always be respectful even though he knows that you have the worst traits.”

“Try seeing stars in the sky at night. Do you know where it is located? Like a friendship, you will never know where you started and also where you are. Only, he remained in the heart.”

“Friendship is an opportunity and is a sweet responsibility between the two.” Inspired by Khalil Gibran.

“Sometimes the life you live in is always in failure whether in reaching a dream or also a matter of love. A true friend will always be in that failure and always, give you the space to occupy until you return with high trust. “

“There are things that can never be explained about friendship relations. Where, the meaning of the relationship is not in a book or novel though. And those on the lecture bench. “

“Some say that it is not only an abundant treasure but a true friend is a pleasure that will never be priceless.”

“Only certain people are able to listen to all your complaints from morning to night. That person is not your lover but rather, your best friend who will never be bored. “

“True friends are those who will always be honest, many good things, the best and the worst. Friends will stab you in the front not from behind. He doesn’t want to see you suffer more. “Inspired by Oscar Wilde.

“Friends are like a mate that will not be able to avoid where, everything will just be separated not because of a betrayal but rather, a death that will perpetuate it.”

“Life is indeed difficult to guess as a friend who does not come from siblings but, understands us more than brothers or parents.”

“Sometimes we will be faced with wrong love only, we will never be faced with wrong love. ‘

“One of the people who has the most merit for your life is a friend. Therefore, you can be at its peak. Therefore don’t ever forget your best friend. “

“Sometimes we become the most evil people in the world, where, when we fight we are always accompanied by friends. It’s just that, when we have stood on top, we will be together with a lover. “

“Friendship is two things that trust each other. Not those who always think badly. “Inspired by Ernest Hermingway.

“In this world there will be many people who forget their faces so they use a mask. It’s just that a true friend will never wear a mask to meet you. “

“Friends will not be measured by anything. be it money or other property. Rather, the size of a friend is through the sincerity of a pure heart. “

“Sometimes friends will be more busy dealing with the affairs of their own friends than taking care of their own affairs.”

“Beautiful friends are just as beautiful as love. so, before you feel the paradise of the world because everything starts from friends, friends and finally falls into the aisle. “

“The thing that will not be forgotten is to travel together with friends. However, it would be more beautiful if we traveled together with a lover. “

“Successful people are those who will reach out to their best friend for the first time. Because, he knows that his friend is the one who contributed until we reached the top. “

“There are times when you have to walk together with your best friend in the dark because, it’s better than you walking alone when it’s bright.” Inspired by Hellen Keller.

“If you really have to choose which you will choose? Your friend or your girlfriend? Both are very meaningful in your life. So, choose the right one if, it’s difficult to better, don’t have to choose it. “

“Falling in love is beautiful. It’s just that it’s the main enemy of a friendship. Many of them are separated because they fall in love. “

“Friendship teaches you to trust each other. From that trust a relationship will be well established. “

“Friends are part of a family that is separated by destiny. Therefore, respect your friend. “

“When tears run down cheeks. There is only one person who will wipe it and turn it into a happy one. He is a friend who will never go for someone else. Even though, he means a lot. “

“The love of a friend is very eternal. Will never fade with time. Therefore, respect the relationship until later. “

“Together with our friends we will understand that only he can make ourselves what we are. No, what’s up. “

“Like the wind that blows away the dust which is scattered everywhere. It’s just that the wind can’t hit the rocks. Likewise with a friend who is difficult to separate even though the storm hit. “Inspired by William Shakespeare

“Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between friendship and falling in love. Because, both of them feel comfortable and safe. “

“Everyone affected by the problem will tell stories in the form of words or poems and songs. However, there are also some of them who share their complaints with their best friends.”

“A friend will be happy if we are happy, be sad if we are sad too. A friend’s heart will be the same as the heart you have. “

“Friends are everything where he makes this world appear as if by itself. Without the presence of friends, he seemed to have never appeared at all. And only with that meeting were all born. “Inspired by Anais Nin

“There are many stories that you can tell later with your sweetheart, about your journey with your friends.”

“Every meeting will have an end, one of the most painful things in this world is losing a friend who never gets bored with you at all times, and in every situation.”

“This life is a sheet of episodes that are always changing in every message. Only, one that will never change is a true friend. “

“There are many stories about friendship. Including when the two friends turned out to be immortal even though, beforehand was an eternal enemy. All of that is arranged because, a bond of love. “

“Friendship is basically very beautiful. He can change into anything including changing a sadness because love becomes a joke and laughter. “Inspired by Jane Austen.

“You can put together your own life scenario with friends and friends. Because, they are people who will never betray you even if you can succeed first. “

“This world is indeed full of plays. It’s just that your best friend will never play to hold your hand tight and step with him. “

“Friendship is like we wet our pants. Where, other people can see the wetness only, we can feel the warmth, “Inspired by Robert Bloch.

“You don’t need to go far to find an inspiration because, your best friend will be an inspiration and support for a good life and will never lie even though he knows that honesty will hurt you.”

“The best people in your life are friends where, he never ends to help you even though you always bring grief to him.”

“There is no most beautiful and most enjoyable gift in this world besides a friendship relationship. Because, from friendship we can get this world in a grip. “

“The next biggest test of a friendship besides falling in love is business. Only true friends can succumb to and maintain the relationships they have established rather than a treasure that will never end. “

“All people will grow old and senile forget who they have recognized us. But, friends will always be hearted even though we forget and cannot remember but, we can still feel it in the deepest heart. “

“A friend is those who are present in exhaustion, we face the difficulties of the world, the difficulty of holding back the pain of a betrayal of love.”

“Pray to Allah to give your best friend. Because, what you need is a friend not a lover who will hinder your dreams. “

“When you have no friends, you will always come in your grave and give the most beautiful flowers to decorate your tomb.”

“Spend your time with your best friend, before you won’t have time with your best friend. Remember, friends are spouses who have services large enough for you to be, give the best as a best respect. “

“Friends are the closest brothers who can help you when you are away from anyone. Therefore, multiply your friends so that your world is full of color. “

“The closest family you have besides your parents is your best friend. So, don’t ever waste them for your lover who only plays with you. “

“Sometimes we spend a lot of time with our lovers. It’s just that we forget that he is only limited to a lover and can still hurt you so, your relationship is a mess. “

“A good lover is those who are willing to waste a little time together for each other’s friends.”

“Like a friend’s word is a new energy that you can use to re-grow the spirit of life that slowly wears off because of the burden of life that is tormenting.”

“Friends are the first people you can set a escape from all problems. It’s just that a good friend will try to remind you not to leave your problem. Face together until you are able to eliminate your real problems. “

“Life is only once you never miss it only to your lover. But, spend it on your family and also your best friend.”

“You can change your life in a way that you will never know. First is to find a good friend. Because, they will be faithful to help you and never get tired of reaching out your hand then, giving you more motivation. “

“Life is like when you cook. Many parts and how to cook. However, only one thing is needed, namely the taste. “

“The best time in your life is not when you stand he is at the height of glory but, when you stand with your best friend in the same place, and with the same status.”

“Your friends will use jealousy and humor to be processed into a new spirit. Open, to drop yourself. “

“Look for many friends. Because, from them there will be many experiences that you can make as the best teacher to realize your dreams in your life. “

“Your friends will always smile even though in fact their hearts are broken in ruins.”

“No matter how busy you are, take the time to gather with your best friend. Because, they are a family that always presents a place to go home. “

“The best meaning of a friendship relationship is a feeling that will never be lost. Where, Allah created humans as social beings who will never be able to live without others. “

“Your meeting with your best friend is not a coincidence. But Allah’s way of telling you something that is possible, will realize your dreams so that it becomes a reality. “

“Pray the best for your best friend because, there they are praying the best for you.”

“In friendship you will not know the name expires and is not used anymore. Because, friendship relations only know the heart not the physical one. “

“We will never be able to walk without the help of others. Therefore, respect your friends and your best friend. Because, you need to hold their hands to show where the road to the real peak is. “

“There is a belief that walking on a mountain cannot leave friends. Likewise, in a friendship relationship that may not leave a friend under any circumstances. “

“Friends are not only mutually supportive but, they can drop each other in a competition. However, after finishing the competition they will return to a friendly relationship. “

“When you are away from parents who can protect you and remind you. So, your best friend will replace him. Look for a good friend so that your path is still good. “

“Sometimes we have to be friends in facing your friend’s problems. Because, when you are in trouble, your friend will be far more patient than yourself in dealing with it. “

“Friends do not need to be like a physics calculation that must use a complicated and difficult formula.”

“Loving the wrong person will destroy you. But having a wrong friend will make your life even darker. “

“Never change to your best friend because this personality will keep you laughing out.”

“Many girlfriends can’t, but many friends are better. Because, need them to help your life. “

“Friends will take you to start your dream from the beginning, to end it by standing together in a success.”

“Friends are those who care deeply about you. Willing to get up late just to give a helping hand. Therefore, respect them and uphold them when you are at the top. “

“Fighting together with friends from below will present an interesting story to tell again. Where, tears of struggle will be poured out. The spirit not to give up and strengthen each other will be felt than you have to fight alone. “

“There are times when the ego will attack you. It’s just that a friendship relationship will understand each other if the ego is a part of color that can never be changed. “

“Friends are forever not just to say it.” Inspired from @fkctbrkhrt instagram. “

“Like the word friend is sunshine and moon. If he sinks, then he will decorate your night with a beautiful moon. After the dawn which brings hope, the moon will slowly leave because, he knows the sun will take care of you. “

“It’s better for just one friend but, to give goodness to the end than many friends but, will drop you in nothing until you will regret forever.”

“Love your best friend as you love yourself and also your lover. Because, you don’t know how much love they give you. “

“While you have friends, you will never be alone. Karenam good friends will never leave you one bit. “

“It’s better to relate to friends than to have a lover because friendships will never break up and will never break hearts.”

“Sometimes there are things we will never know that our friends do for us.”

“Have you ever imagined if you lost a best friend when you had to lose love?”

“Your friends will always remember all your goodness without even remembering all your evil.”

“Friendship is those who fight with each other but also miss each other. There is no mutual ego, only mutual respect for each other. “

“The biggest enemy in friendship is mutual distrust of one another.”

“Greatness is a victory. It’s just that, victory is greater than a sacrifice from a friend. “Inspired from katabijak com.

“People who will never forget your birthday are friends. He will give you a gift and a surprise that you will never imagine. “

“Your friends will always stand beside you and cover up your shortcomings. Because, a friendship will complement each other. “

“The person who first came when you were difficult and sad was a friend. Meanwhile, the person who will come for the last time when you reach what you dream is a friend. “Inspired from katakijak com.

“Friends are those who are able to provide new passion for our lives. Open your eyes that love isn’t that bad. And give advice that this world is only temporary. “

“A friendship will start from a greeting, from a request for help until we will always be together.” Inspired by C.S Lewis.

“Sometimes we don’t know that friends are those who have given you smiles secretly, given you flowers so you don’t grieve and give you beautiful memories and intentionally delete them and forget them.”

“Without friends your world will never spin like time. Just stay in that place and darkness will appear by itself. “

“Life will change depending on how you change. One way to change is to find friends and friends who want to invite you in that change. Unfortunately, not all friends can do it. Therefore, look for the best friend who will help you do it. “

“Like the word friendship is a dish that has a variety of flavors, until it becomes a delicious and delicious food.”

“Luckily if you have many friends. Because, every friend has knowledge that you can take and you can learn until that knowledge will make you stock up to a high peak. “

“Go and touch to the end of the world. You will get many relatives, many friends later, get tired and fight until you and your friends can get happiness from the results. “Inspired by Imam Syafii

“When two old people did not meet, it would not hurt to ask questions about the news, offer something to help. Because, that’s the most beautiful of a friendship relationship. “Inspired by Tere Liye.

“When you have achieved whatever you want, you will only listen to your best friend’s words, not the worst words from your enemies.” Inspired by Martin Luther King.

“There are roads that can be traversed by humans, where we never know what we are going through. Walk with your best friend because, the obstacles can be passed very easily. “

“In this world it is easiest to find enemies. Then, the hardest is looking for friends. “Inspired by ydhartono’s blog

“We cannot choose how this destiny works. It’s just that, we are given the opportunity to choose friends and change that destiny together with them. “

“Honesty of a friend will be very meaningful than even a property whose form is gold. Because, from honesty your best friend can find abundant treasure. “Inspired by Ali Bin Abi Talib.

“Life must give each other, so before you get a good friend, then give your friend a broad heart as love. Then, you will get the opposite. “Inspired by Buya Hamka.

“Friendship is very beautiful to look at, bringing together several different personalities to merge in a laugh that is second to none and has no price.”

“Friends are diamonds that are bright, beautiful, valuable, and become a delicacy that is very pleasing to the eye.” Inspired by Nicole Richie

“There are a lot of things that will separate friendship relations including the differences of choice. But, the rest they will remain united again become best friends until the end of life. “

“You know your heart is hurt, but you also know that the greatest happiness is spending time with your friends,” Inspired By Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Sometimes friends are the first people who will believe in your irrational and crazy decisions. He is always by your side and always accompanies you to realize your ideas.”

“The work will only make you hurt and burdened with everything. But, friendship makes you feel comfortable even if you have to spend hours. “

“If, you can feel your friend will show his love sincerely when you are facing a problem not when you are having a merry joy.” Inspired by Euriprides

“Friends will make you the best person in the world among the best.” Inspired by Henry Ford.

“Friends only know love only, they do not know wealth, caste, and also the throne.”

“When with your friends, you can do anything. Including, something you never imagined in the slightest. “

“Sometimes friends will sacrifice love for the happiness of their own best friend. Even though he knew, he missed a great opportunity to be able to live with him. “

“You just need to be yourself and who you are. Because, your best friend would prefer you to be you instead of being someone else. “

“The most beautiful memories in this life are not from a lover. Rather, from a friend who acts weird, and is always together in joy and sorrow. “

“Your best friend will always be there for you wherever you want to go. It’s just that, you have to know if a friend will be very terrible if love has begun to penetrate inside. “

Finally Friendship Qutes has been ended, that’s how many words ihategreenjello can express how meaningful a friend is in our lives. Therefore, keep your best friend as good as looking after your lover.

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