93 Motivational Quotes Can Motivated Your Life

93 Motivational Quotes Can Motivated Your Life – Life is never easy. Moreover, the days are increasingly unpredictable. It’s very difficult to achieve enough life. Because, more and more human beings are also looking for a decent life.

Motivational Quotes
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This is what makes us worse and may fall into a ravine. We need a big motivation to be able to change what we can change. Sometimes the motivation arises from those figures who have experienced how hard the world is and won it and stand tall remembering all the sadness that we can also make an inspiration.

Below, we will see and feel some of the motivations of several world leaders who have proven successful in winning their lives. Change the world and now become an influential person in the world.

Best Motivational Quotes

“Walking in the present is not easy. If you want to survive in the face of the harshness of the world, you have to persistently hold your head so that the problem does not defeat you. Don’t give up unless you have to be forced to surrender. “Quoted from Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, and nicknamed iron man in the real world.

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“In this life, not all the trips you make can make everything good. If indeed you can’t make it good. At least, make all that look good. “Quoted by Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

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“If you have a dream then dream as high as possible. Because, you still need enthusiasm to never give up the same portion as just a small dream. “

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“If you doubt that patience has limits. So, you will never find success. Because, one of the keys to success is high patience. “Quoted by Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

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“Life is nothing easy. In fact, when you walk towards where you want to go, it’s not easy. So, don’t ever complain at all. “

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“Admit where your weaknesses are, you will know where you can rise to show the point of strength that is in you.”

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“Why do you have to look up, try to look down, because, there are still people who always bend down rather than those who don’t bow down at all.”

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“Sometimes you will feel insecure about yourself. What you will do will feel futile. Stay on, do what you have to do. The time that fosters your confidence by itself. “

“Your competitor is actually your best friend. Because, indirectly they correct all your shortcomings by establishing the same company and covering it up. So, you can imitate it so you can walk on the right path. “

“Many people are afraid of change, who always scoffs at these changes. But, you all know when the electricity was first discovered, or the telephone was found. They are also afraid, but now you can see it for yourself. “Quoted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“Run from now on. if you are tired, take a break. But, still running back. That dream will not become real if we just walk or crawl. Or also you take too long to rest. So, think about all this. “

“Sometimes we hate what parents decide. You can hate it, but you shouldn’t rebuke him. Reprimand politely. Because, your parents’ sacrifice will never be able to be repaid even though you are a rich person in the whole world. “

“Think of something different from most people. Because, different is one of the good things to achieve success. “

“Success is not something that is mandatory to celebrate but rather, to be a lesson that failure is actually the beginning of their success.” Quoted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“Caring is the most expensive treasure in the world. Because, caring arises from the heart not from mere words. Everything that comes from the heart will feel good compared to everyone who only talks with a very painful word. “

“There are many key things to success that we need to know but, one that you should not miss on this trip is self-discipline that not everyone can do.”

“Rules are made not to be violated but, so that you can become a disciplined person and be able to reach the world you’ve always dreamed of.”

“Successful people will not think about how to end this. Instead, how to start everything from the failures that you have experienced so far. “Quoted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

“There are no bad people in this world. It’s just that they seem confused because, they don’t know how to do good in everything like you did before. “

“Do something that you think is important with more courage than usual. If, in the end, you fail, you will never regret what you did. “Quoted from Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, and nicknamed iron man in the real world.

“Ask other people if you really don’t know. From a simple question you will have friends that you can make as a tool to achieve better than before. “

“Do everything from your heart. If you can never feel it, don’t do anything. because, something that is not done from the heart, the results will never be good and in accordance with what you want. “

“Never get bored to practice and practice. World-class badminton players still continue to practice every day without stopping, especially you who are nothing. So you need extra super practice.

“Have fun with your new battlefield, then you will get more success than you have all along.” Quoted from Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, and nicknamed iron man in the real world.

“Your friends are your closest family when you are far from your family. So, stay good with him because he will always be there for you and be your inspiration. Save you in sadness and pain. “

“Life is full of beautiful colors. Do not erase that color with a crime that is always in you. Because, darkness makes you worse. “

“Everyone born in this world has the right to success. It’s just that not everyone has the same opportunity to achieve it. “

“Bedo Allah so that you are made a lucky person not a smart person or a smart person. Because, no matter how smart you are if you are not lucky you will stand in the ranks of stupid people. “

“If you are a company leader then you must be able to do all the work. Including work that might, you don’t like. As a good example in the company. “Quoted from Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, and dubbed iron man in the real world.

“The biggest surprise in this life is falling in love. You won’t know when it will come, and you also won’t know when to return. “

“Nothing is impossible in this world. while you have the power of trust in yourself, you can do it even if you risk your life. “

“The days that are empty are days full of pleasure without the slightest challenging test. walking straight without a turn makes us bored and sleepy therefore, be grateful if you still get a test. “

“Why are you constantly angry with your best friend just because of a small problem. Even though, you know that such a small problem is the biggest problem. But, you have to remember how much your friend’s loyalty is more than yours. “

“Every human being must have a life target. So, we must fulfill these targets so that the dream of becoming real will soon be realized. “

“It takes decades for the waves to destroy hard and sturdy corals. Therefore, you also definitely need a long time to make your dreams come true. “

“No matter how small the opportunity you will get you must use it even though, you know you will fail in this opportunity. But, no matter how small the opportunity is there is the opportunity to succeed in staying awake even though it is very small. “Quoted from Elon Musk, businessman, inventor, and dubbed as iron man in the real world.

“In doing business, falling up is normal. You don’t need to care what you have to care about is how you can reopen your building when the building falls. “

“There is nothing instant in this world. You need 2 minutes to make instant noodles so you can enjoy it. You need 5 minutes for the ice cream you want. Therefore, enjoy every process and every waiting time that you have given for your dream. “

“There are many ways Allah can make your dreams come true. When Allah has chosen you something, in fact at that moment your dream is running, it’s just that you don’t realize it and you have rebuked Allah. “

“Learn from a bird that is flying here and there. When you see, the birds will stand on an electric cable that can sting it. However, the bird was never afraid and just kept doing it. The bird is sure if what he does will never kill him. “

“Everything comes from your own mind. Before you conquer your fear then try to conquer your mind first. “

“The more days you need a lot of money to meet your needs and fulfill your desires. Your salary will never be able to fulfill all your desires except, if you change your direction by doing your own business. “

“Never weaken something small. When the train suffers minor damage he will not be allowed to walk. Because, from the smallest one will be the big one. and if it becomes big it will be too late to fix it. “

“Life is like a national exam. Where it is determined only three days, if you pass there will be a follow-up exam that is ready to wait if it fails, they will be ridiculed and will be worse off. Even though there is still a second chance to improve everything. “

“Never complain even if all the problems before your eyes are indeed very difficult. You have never met a more difficult person than your life but, they can still smile cheerfully as if there are no problems. “

“You might be in a chasm right now. No matter where you are right now where the most important thing is where you should stand and spend your time there. “Quoted from Merry Riana.

“There is no life that is easier if we run it ourselves. A family will not be a happy family if a father cannot hold a mother or child. Happy is simple to gather with a small family even though it’s always in shortage. “

“Never repay an anger with other anger. That makes you worse. Reply to anger with a smile and forgiveness, everything will feel wonderful later on. “

“Your life will feel perfect if from now on you can stand with your feet without holding on to your parents. Because, when you get the results you will be happy and more satisfied than usual. “

“Many expensive cellphones are scattered everywhere, where mobile phones are increasingly sophisticated with technology that always develops by itself. Unfortunately, the best communication is prayer. “Quoted from Merry Riana.

“Why is the night always quiet and accompanied by stars in the sky. Because, night is the right time to arrange dreams together with Allah and everything promised by Allah to his people. “

“Difference is not the end of a friendly relationship. Rather, one of the beauty of friendship, diversity is the most beautiful color in the world. No, like a rainbow that only has a few colors to see. “

“Where is a pencil, you can deaf all happy stories on a piece of paper that you will bring. And be an eraser that is able to erase the sadness that others have. “Quoted From Merry Riana.

“Love will come because, meeting two eyes that can’t move. A meeting of two hearts that give each other one another. So, don’t ever feel embarrassed if a marriage is possible, that’s the fate that must be lived. “

“Sorry is the most beautiful word that every human has. A word that is able to reassure every heart that is upset and agitated as well as the relationship of two hearts that will not mean to hurt each other. “

“Achieving those ideals will never be easy, but there is only one thing that you have to know that there is a line that separates failure and success in reaching the goals themselves. Unfortunately, this dividing line is very thin. “Quoted from Mery Riana.

“We cannot be anyone if we just sit still and wait for a sacrifice. Because, the miracle is there because it was created not because of a wait. “

“If you have a dream, then write your dream and place it in a place you will always read. When you read it you will be hypnotized by itself and all your steps will always be towards that dream. “

“Work according to the portion you have. Not according to company wishes because, when you need help because you are tired of working, the company can only help you a little from what you want. “

“If you feel life is no longer meaningful then look at the people around you that make your life feel much better. If that doesn’t work, go back to the past and remember what you like. If that also doesn’t work, then surrender to Allah Almighty. At least you’re trying not to give up. “

“You are the strongest person created by Allah. It’s just that you don’t know how to use that power. “

“Words and attitudes are two things that you must guard properly. Both of them can make you achieve success quickly but can also drop you very quickly too. “

“Life always has two choices. Some are good, some are bad. If you choose a good path, you will feel various types of tests coming up and as if there is no end. If you choose evil then, you will get misguided pleasure in your life. But, the path of good will always take you in the good of whatever you will never think of. “

“Life is like a mirror where what is in the world is the opposite. Therefore, be careful when walking good people will not always look good. “

“Never stop doing anything that makes your partner fall in love from the beginning to you.” Quoted From Mery Riana

“Try to love yourself because, that’s the way you can do it to control yourself.” Quoted From Meru Riana.

“Position is the highest caste that will be seen by every human being. People always think and want that position to be respected. Unfortunately, for those who have never been satisfied with what has been obtained so far, there will be no right position for them. “Quoted From Merry Riana.

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